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About the Cabin 28 Keddie Murders Case:

On the night of April 11-12, 1981, Glenna Sue Sharp and her kids, Tina and John, and John's friend, Dana Wingate, were brutally murdered inside Cabin 28 in Keddie, California. Surrounded by drug traffickers and sexual predators, dozens peripherally involved in the case had motive, if not opportunity. Law enforcement immediately zeroed in on prime suspects. Yet, this hot case was intentionally made to quickly grow cold.

Why was Marty Smartt, the main suspect, the local sheriff's close friend? Why did a hit-man and enforcer from the Chicago & Vegas mob, 'Bo' Boubede, move in with Smartt just prior to the murders? Why were corrupt DOJ Organized Crime agents immediately assigned to this rural case, unless LE already knew about Bo? Why did both DOJ and sheriff Doug Thomas skate these key suspects when their joint alibi is laughably syipid lies? Why was Marty's then-wife, Marilyn Musgrove, at least a key conspirator if not a murderer, not arrested?

Why did Law Enforcement agencies conspire to cover up this case? What were the killers involved in that LE decided to protect them (and themselves)? more


9 Apr 2016:

The Keddie case is to be highlighted on KOLO-TV.

7 Apr 2016:

Read the story of the recovered hammer, thought to be Marty Smartt's murder weapon, on

24 Mar 2016:

Potential new evidence relating to the murders was collected this morning.