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Timeline C (the REAL Timeline A)

Postby dmac » Fri Sep 04, 2015 1:39 pm

Brief background: This document was stolen from PCSO by Josh years ago, and apparently Josh released heavily-edited portions of it throughout the years. It's the root or partial basis for several other 'unofficial timelines' produced online since (such as MK's version), and Josh also released his redacted version as what's become known as TIMELINE A. By comparing Josh's version (A) to this version (C), you will see far more info in the real version. Josh's version also has many entries that don't come from the real document, further shattering the credibility of his version.

As Josh's manipulated version has been used for such a long time, it will remain as "Timeline A" with the stipulation that it's now discredited as a distortion of facts. I'm christening this original PCSO document "Timeline C", taken from it's name "Chronological Series of Events..." After much debate, forum mods and I have decided to redact very few names, specifically victims of unrelated crimes. As Johnny was accused of stealing pot from specific people, their names remain intact... it's not only very pertinent to the overall theme of drugs running through the murders and coverup, but the person who had the pot stolen is admitting it himself, and the other 'victim' was a bus driver for the damned school district! Also, since there are so many of the Danas surrounding this case mentioned in this document, we felt it necessary to leave their names intact in order to help differentiate them.

Here, then, is the full transcription of the document. It holds so much information it should keep people busy for months.





770400c After Sue left Jim Sharp, she drove to somewhere in Missouri where her mother-in-law lived. She stayed approximately 3 weeks and then came to Quincy. <Nancy Davis / Crim>

770500c Sue Sharp & children rented Space 27A at Claremont Trailer Park (formerly rented by Sue's brother, Don Davis) <Fred Beyers / Bradley>

Randall Sharp, Sr. [no relation] dated Sue 3 times while she lived at Claremont. He had not seen her for over 1 year at time of 187. <Randall Sharp / Bradley>

770704c Julian Riviera attempts to rape R D who is a neighbor of the Sharp's in Keddie. <Stoy>


791000c Luclia [Lucilia] Shumway was Dana's counselor at Foster Home until early in the summer of 1980. <Luclia Shumway / Bradley>


800000c Suspect Daniel French moves to Maggie Warkentein's Maple Leaf Bar, Belden. <Daniel French / Bradley>

800000c Dana Wingate placed on Probation (one year before 187) for slashing $7,000 worth of tires at Nugget Motors. <Pamela Howell / Bradley>

800600c David Grant says Johnny & Tim Lampe entered his house & stole a lid of marijuana on this data & again in December 1980. <David Grant / Bradley>

800600c Kathy Goddu & Chuck Walke move to Livermore after having lived together in Quincy. <Kathy Goddu / Crim>

800000c SUMMER- XXX of the Downtown Trailer Park says her daughter, XX, did not play with Tina after the summer of 1980. <XXX / Crim>

800800c Carl Kautzer & Michelle Matosich move to Keddie. Doug Albin thinks Kautzer looks like one of composites. <Doug Albin / Crim>

801100c Sue Sharp & children moved to Cabin Keddie.

Dates Unknown:

801100c Richard & Walter Meeks are seen at the Sharp residence 2 or 3 times. <James Seabolt Jr. / Bradley>

801100c Joe Baze had been to the Sharp residence once. <Sheila Sharp / Bradley>

801100c Sue Sharp takes Sheila to Oregon to have a baby. Johnny stayed with Nina Meeks while his mother was gone. <Don Davis / Crim>

801200c David Grant says Johnny & Tim Lampe entered his house occupied with Rose Buzzetta, a school bus driver, and stole a lid of marijuana (also stole one in June 1980). Lampe's father paid his son's half but Johnny never paid his $25 debt. <David Grant / Bradley>

801200c Johnny Sharp was with a guy named "Wolf", who now lives in Portola & it was "Wolf" who took the marijuana, without John's knowledge, from Rose, the Quincy school bus driver. Joe Crivello [Joey Carvalho] told Rose who was involved & Johnny & Wolf worked the matter out. <Richard Meeks / Stoy>


810100c Steve McKim left a duffel bag & contents & sunglasses with Banier Heater in Spring Garden. (3 months prior to 187) <Banier Heater / Bradley>

810100c Phillip Shearer stayed at the Sharp residence once in January. <Martin Smartt / Crim>

810200c Robert Matthews becomes big brother to Dana (2 months before 187). <Robert Matthews / Bradley>

810200c Joe Baze met Sue at the bowling alley about 6 weeks prior to 187. He saw her only 2 times, but talked to her on the telephone several times. <Joe Baze / Bradley>

810200c Steve McKim & his mother came to California from Illinois to see Scott McKim who was living in a cabin near Twain. Steve later went to the Reno Hospital as he is crazy. Steve does not have car & he doesn't drive. <Kathy McKim / Crim>

810200c Julian Riviera goes to Mexico for a four week visit. <Julian Riviera / Crim>

810228c Kelly McNut of of Burlingame is visiting her girlfriend, Kathy Fenato in Quincy & meets Dana Wingate. This is the only day Kelly meets Dana, but they continue a relationship by letters & telephone. <Kelly McNut / Stoy>

810317c (Week of) Martin Smartt meets Dee Lake at the VA Hospital in Reno. <Dee Lake / Stoy>

810300c (3-4 weeks before 187) "Mike" [Frank Davis] moves out of Cabin 13. He is possibly an ex-con who did time for murder. He is 32-33, 5-10 to 6-0, 150, short blonde mustache. <Martin Smartt / Crim>

810300c (2-3 weeks before 187) Jack, who lives across from the Wheelers, asked James Seabolt Jr. to get Sue so she could meet friend (Daryl Josephson). <James Seabolt Jr. / Bradley>

810300c (2-3 weeks before 187) Julian Riviera returns to Cabin 20 after a four week visit to Mexico. <Julian Riviera / Crim>

810300c (1 week before 187) David Eisenman picks up Dana & Johnny at the Exxon Station & gives them a ride to Keddie. <David Eisneman / Stoy>

810300c Daryl [Dareyl] Josephson moves to Keddie 4 weeks before the 187 & works for a D&B Tunnel gang for the WPRR. <Daryl Josephson / Crim>

810300c Johnny Sharp & Patrick Clewitt [Clewett] had reportedly been selling "Black Beauties" around the High School a few weeks before 187. <Patrick Clewitt/ Bradley>

810300c Suspect Daniel French sees Sue and Daryl Josephson playing pool with "Suede" at the Maple Leaf Bar, Belden the last 2 weeks of March. <Daniel French / Bradley>

810300c Chuck Walke and Kathy Goddu breakup & Walke moves back to Quincy. <Kathy Goddu / Crim>

810300c "Bo" <Severin Boubede> comes to Martin Smartt's to stay as they were planning a sales campaign for a business in Oregon. <Dee Lake / Stoy>

April 1981

810411c Robert Matthews, Dana's Big Brother, leaves to visit mother L.A. (connection with DEA card?) <Robert Matthews / Bradley>

810411c Carl Kautzer & Michelle Matosich move from Keddie. They were friends of Frank Davis & Martell Boyd who lived next to Shap's (& also pushed drugs). Kautzer matched the light haired composite picture according to Doug Albin & he drove an old green phone company type van. (See accounts of van by James Jones on 4- 11 at 6:00pm & by Timothy Dembosz at midnight.) <Doug Albin / Crim>

810411c Frank Davis moves from Keddie after being told to leave for dealing drugs. Frank lived next door to the Sharps. <Janise Albin / Crim>

810400c (week before 187) David Russell of the Maple Leaf Bar says Daryl Josephson brought Sue to the bar twice the week before the 187, 3 days apart. <David Russell / Bradley>

810400c (week before 187) Alysa Seabolt starts dating Dana Wingate. They only see each other at or around the Sharp residence. <Alysa Seabolt / Stov>

810409c Sue Sharp meets "Bo" (Severin Boubede) at Martin Smartt's residence. Wade Meeks had introduced Martin to Sue. <Martin Smartt / Crim>

810409c (April 9 or 10, 1981) FRC student, Steven Lucas leaves his Keddie dorm room for Easter vacation. <Steven Lucas / Bradley>

810410c Suspect Daniel French moves to Hill Top Bonanza Ranch Park, Reno. <Daniel French / Bradley>

810410c Suspects Charles Walke and William Thompson show up at Kathy Goddu's driving Thompson's red Toyota pickup with canopy. Both are "wasted" <Kathy Goddu / Crim>

810410c Cayse Craig picks up Johnny & Dana hitchhiking and takes them to First and Main Streets, E. Quincy. <CayseCraig / Bradley>

810410c Sterling Mitchell of the Foster Home trades boots with Dana Wingate. <Sterling Mitchell / Crim>

810410-1100c Gary Bianco, FRC student, left room 18 of Keddie dorm for Bay area. <Gary Bianco / Bradley>

810410-1800c Suspect Daryl Josephson says he stopped at the Maple Leaf Bar enroute to Paradise to visit ex-wife, and stayed for Clamper's function on 4-11. <Daryl Josephson / Crim>

810410-0000c Luclia Shumway says she gave Johnny and Dana a ride to a party in Meadow Valley this night. <Luclia Shumway / Bradley>

810410-0000c Richard Meeks says Johnny Sharp spent every Friday night at his residence, including this date. <Richard Meeks / Stoy>

April 11, 1981

810411-0000c Donald Davis says there was a party at Bruce Baldwin's on 4-11. <Donald Davis / Crim>

810411-0000c "Steve", a friend of Margaret Krois was in Keddie the night of 11 & was high on speed. "Steve" is a friend of Chuck Walke & is 6-1, 190, 28, with long black hair & mustache. ("Steve"is later identified as Steve Lucas who says he was out of town.) <Richard Meeks / Stoy>

810411-0730c Daryl Josephson leaves his grandmother's residence in Paradise and goes to his brother, Eugene's, house. Both than went to a Ciamper's function at Parker Ranch on Nelson Bar Road near Pentz. <Daryl Josephson / Crim>

810411-0930c Sue, Sheila, Ricky, Greg & Justin Smartt drive to Quincy. Sue leaves Ricky & Justin off at ball practice & then drives to Meeks residence. Sheila walks to Alice Thompson's residence. <Sheila Sharp / Bradley>

810411-0930c Carl Spang leaves Greenville at 10:00pm & goes to a party at a trailer house on left in Meadow Valley. Saw "Dana" & his partner & a dark sedan with a San Rafael license bracket & a little brown car. Says there was a keg of beer at the party. Saw what he thought was a drug deal going down. All six persons left the party in the two cars. He says he followed them to Keddie. In a later interview he says the party was week before and gave other inconsistencies. <Carl Spang / Crim>

810411-0000c (Morning -Time Unknown) Carl Spang goes to the Morning Dew (Morning Thunder) to contact "Dana" to obtain drugs. "Dana" is a WMA, 18-22, dark brown shoulder length hair, mustache, starting a beard with a space between the ends of the mustache & beard. "Dana" said he would pick it up at a party at Roger's house in Meadow Valley. <Carl Spang / Stoy>

810411-1015c Sue telephoned Sheila at Alice Thompson's. Sue, Sheila & Greg than drove toward home. They picked up Johnny & Dana, who had been hitchhiking, near Gansner Park. <Sheila Sharp / Bradley>

810411-1100c Michelle Curran arrives at Back Door Bar to bartend. <Michelle Curran / Bradley>

810411-1100c Richard Meeks says he was with Johnny at the Holiday Market from 11:00am until 1:00pm when one of the Doris' drove up & let Dana out & the 3 then went to visit John Baze. (Note: Times conflict with Sheila's who says they returned home at noon.) <Richard Meeks / Bradley>

810411-1200c Sue, Sheila, Greg, Johnny & Dana arrive home in Keddie. Tina had remained home & was there upon their return. <Sheila Sharp / Bradley>

810411-1200c Justin Smartt goes to the Sharp residence & he and Ricky ride bikes until about 6:00pm. <Justin Smartt / Crim>

810411-1200c Eugene Scammel, Jr. says he met Dana around noon walking toward town. They bought a 6 pack & drank it while walking around town. Dana wanted to see Susan Krois & the last time he saw Dana, he was hitchhiking to Keddie. (Doesn't match other statements.) <Eugene Scammel / Bradley>

810411-1200c (12:00 Noon-3:00pm) John Baze says Johnny & Dana came to his place between noon and 3pm. They left about 3:00pm and said they were going to the Foster home and then to Keddie. (Matches Richard Meeks times somewhat, but conflicts again with Sheila's times.) <John Daze / Bradley>

810411-1300c Donna Williams says she picked up Johnny & Dana at the Roadrunner & took them to Exxon. They said they were going to Johnny's. (Donna's statements not always accurate.) <Donna Williams / Crim>

810411-1330c Johnny Sharp puts on a purple jogging suit with white stripes headband. Dana is wearing the same thing. Both hitchhike to Quincy. <Justin Smartt / Crim>

810411-1330c Sue goes inside to watch TV. Sheila was outside talking to Alysia Seabolt & Tina was in the Seabolt house. <Justin Smartt / Crim>

810411-1330c (1330-1400) Richard Meeks says Johnny & Dana left John Baze's home at Brown's Trailer Court to go to Dana's house & then to Keddie. Baze had a friend from the valley there named "Sparky" who is 18, 6-0, 175, brown straight collar lenth hair, blue jeans & a Harley shirt & jacket. (John Baze thinks they left about 3::00pm. See 12-3:00pm time above.) <Richard Meeks / Stoy>

810411-1400c Johnny & Dana leave John Baze's to hitchhike home. (Note: Sheila says they arrived home at noon) <Richard Meeks / Bradley>

810411-0000c (Afternoon) Dana & Johnny helped Sue do yard work. Sheila played with Alysia Seabolt at the Seaboit's. <Sheila Sharp / Bradley>

810411-1545c Joe Baze left Quincy enroute to his girlfriend, Helen Johnson's in Susanville. <Joe Baze / Bradley>

810411-1600c (1600-1630) Daryl & Eugene Josephson leave the Clamper's function near Pentz and go to a bar on Clark Road in Paradise. <Daryl Josephson / Crim>

810411-0000c (Late Afternoon) Paula Seabolt & Tina are walking to the store & see a small brown car with stripes. Tina recognizes her mom in the passenger's seat & waves it down. Paula recognizes the driver as Daryl Josephson. Sue said they were going to Daryl's house. Paula is sure it is April 11 because she "later" saw Sue, Johnny & Dana cleaning up the front yard. <Paula Seabolt / Stoy>

810411-1700c Richard & Greg Sharp, Justin Smartt & Sue Sharp had burittos for dinner. Richard, Greg & Justin ate in the kitchen. Sue was on the couch in the living room. <Richard Sharp / Crim>

810411-1700c Sheila Sharp goes to the Seaboit's and spends the night. <Justin Smartt / Crim>

810411-1715c (1715-1730) Richard Sharp & Justin Smartt go outside & play "Ditch" with Paula Seabolt & Casey, <Richard Smartt / Crim>

810411-0000c (Towards Evening) Alysia Seabolt started cooking dinner at the Seabolt's and Sheila remained there and ate dinner with the Seabolt's. <Sheila Sharp / Bradley>

810411-1730c Daryl & Eugene Josephson go to Eugene's house on Clark Road in Paradise, and then went to the Optima Bar in Magalia with his ex-wife Charlotte, and danced. <Daryl Josephson>

810411-1750c Johnny & Dana left the Foster home after a visit to go to Kathy Beckley“s for a ride back to Keddie. <Pat Doris / Bradley>

810411-1800c Justin Smartt & Ricky Sharp quit riding their bikes and go into the Sharp residence. <Justin Smartt / Crim>

810411-1800c Margaret Finke was at the Keddie Restaurant with her husband, Willard and had gone up the stairs to use the bathroom when she met a WMA. He was very nervous, first up & then down the stairs. He was 5-6 / 5-8 with a neatly trimmed mustache, tan dress hat, jacket, tan trousers. He appeared to be in his 40’s, was bleary-eyed, but not drunk. (Match with Justin's description?) <Margeret FinkelBradley>

810411-1800c Robert Preston & Bobby Whipple see Johnny & Dana in front of Plumas Motor Supply <Robert Preston / Crim>

810411-1800c (1800-1830) James Jones sees a flat black truck or van park next to the propane tank West of his house. The vehicle is ’57-58, old paint, rounded shape, medium size half ton with no windows in back. The driver is 27-28, 6’ or taller, slender, with dirty blonde hair. (See van statements on 4-1 & 4-11 at 9pm & midnight) <James Jones / Stoy>

810411-1830c James Jones, Cabin 11, sees a WMA park a '55 vintage, flat black, dirty van type near the propane tank near his home & walk up the street toward the bar. The WMA was 6-2, slim, dirty long blonde hair & was shabbily dressed. (Also see Timothy Dembosz statement about a van at midnight & Paula Seabolt at 9:00pm.) <James Jones / Bradley>

810411-1830c Johnny Sharp & Dana Wingate arrived at Kathy Beckley apartment in E. Quincy to get a ride to Keddie. <Kathy Beckley / Bradley>

810411-1830c Johnny had a week old black eye, & was wearing red bandana & Dana's blue vest. Dana gave himself an insulin shot while there. Neither were intoxicated. <Kathy Beckley / Bradley>

810411-1830c (1830-1900) Luclia [Lucilia] Shumway sees Dana coming from area of FR Apartments. He was wearing a blue with wide tan stripe shirt, light tan cord pants & a cowboy hat. (Contradicts other statements.) <Luclia Shumway / Bradley>

810411-1830c (1830-1900) The driver of the van parked West of James Jones cabin, returns & leaves in the van. <James Jones / Stoy>

810411-1845c John Gruebert sees Dana & Johnny walking toward Lawrence Street. <John Gruebert / Crim>

810411-1845c Dale "Wade" Meeks, Blaine Grubert & Phillip Shearer go to a square dance class at FRC. <Dale Meeks / Crim>

810411-1900c Margaret Drage, cabin 4, goes to work at the Keddie restaurant kitchen. <Margaret Drage / Bradley>

810411-1900c Billy Jester, his wife, Pat, & his sister, Pat & Frank Ames arrived for dinner at Keddie Resort. About two hours later they went to the Back Door Bar where they talked to Charlie & Raymond Saari and Billy's nephew, Bobbie Jester. <Billy Jester / Crim> <Patricia Jester / Crim>

810411-1900c (1900-1915) Nadia Ammer & Peggy Davisson arrive at the Back Door Bar. <Nadia Ammer / Crim>

810411-1900c (1900-1915) Judy Thomas & Nadia Ammer arrive at the Keddie restaurant in Judy's '81 Blue Mustang. (Different than Nadia's statement.) <Judy Thomas / Crim>

810411-1930c Tina came home from the Seabolt's and washed the dishes and returned to the Seaboit's. <Justin Smartt / Crim>

810411-1930c Richard Sharp & Justin Smartt quit playing "Ditch" after about 2 hours & go back inside the Sharp house. <Richard Sharp / Crim>

810411-1930c (1930-1945) Beckley's mother called her for dinner & boys said they would hitchhike. <Kathy Beckley / Bradley>

810411-1930c (1930-1945) David Eisenman picks up Joey Carvelo and they drive around Quincy. <David Eisenman / Stoy>

810411-1930c (1930-2200) Carolyn Cardora was at the Mt. Hough party & did not see Johnny or Dana. <Carolyn Cardoza / Crim>

810411-2000c Margaret & Wilfred Finke left the Keddie restaurant. <Margaret Finke / Bradley>

810411-2000c LeAnn [Penny] Basinger & John Newcomb meet Don & Nancy Davis at the Keddie restaurant & then went to the Back Door Bar for a half hour. <LeAnn Basinger / Crim>

810411-2000c (2000-2030) Greg Sharp goes to bed. <Justin Smartt / Crim> Greg goes to bed about 8:30pm and sleeps on the bottom bunk. <Richard Sharp / Crim>

810411-2000c (2000-2100) Sheila Sharp went home for night clothes and returned to the Seabolt’s 10-15 minutes later. Sue said Johnny & Dana had gone back to town. <Sheila Sharp / Bradley>

810411-2015c Betsy Van Unen sees Johnny Sharp & Dana Wingate hitchhiking on Hwy 70, just past the Exxon in Quincy. <Betsy Van Unen / Crim>

810411-2030c Ted Kinnamon & Beverley Morris, Cabin 5, went to bed. <Ted Kinnamon / Bradley>

810411-2030c Paula Varker, Cabin 18, goes to bed. She usually lets her dog inside, but this night she left it outside. <Paula Varker / Crim>

810411-2030c Richard Sharp & Justin Smartt come into the Sharp house after playing outside & started to watch TV. Sue & Greg were there when they came in. <Richard Sharp / Crim>

810411-2030c Judy Lake & her husband, Bill, arrive at the Back Door Bar because Eric Roy was playing. Bill Heden came in about the same time, & Eric Roy arrived right after. Paul Wright & son came in shortly after. <Judy Lake / Crim>

810411-2030c Eric Roy arrives at the Back Door Bar to play records. He says about 20 people were in the lounge when he started playing records & others were at the bar. <Eric Roy / Crim>

810411-2030c Judy Thomas & Nadia Ammer complete dinner & go downstairs to the Back Door Bar & into the dance area. Judy talks to Eric Roy who has not started to play records. Judy saw Bernie Lapham & Bill Bell & a lot of others in & out <Judy Thomas / Crim>

810411-2030c James Wright & his wife, Yvonne & friends from Redding, Pat & John Welsh arrive at the Back Door Bar & sit in the bar area They talked to Jack Brown for a while & saw Banier Heater & his wife & son, Stacey & girlfriend, Bill Heden, Bill & Judy Lake, Kathy Andrea & a female bartender. (Yvonne thinks they arrived 9:;00pm.) <James Wright / Crim> <Yvonne Wright / Crim>

810411-2030c Yvonne Wright sees an older light grey station wagon parked off the paved area, down in the dirt, behind the Back Door Bar. <Yvonne Wright / Crim>

810411-2030c (2030-2100) Don Fraser attended party on Mt. Hough with Jack Green & Carol Cardoza. Did not see Johnny or Dana. <Don Fraser / Bradley>

810411-2030c (2030-2100) Approximately 30 people attended the Mt. Hough party, but not Dana. Richard & Tanya West were there & "Howard" who works for the railroad put on the party. <Jackie Ames / Crim>

810411-2030c (2030-2100) Don & Nancy Davis and Don's brother-in-law, John Newcomb and girlfriend, Penny Bassinger [Basinger], arrive at the Keddie Resort for dinner in separate vehicles. <Don Davis / Crim>

810411-2045c (2045-2100)

Dale "Wade" Meeks, Blaine Grubert & Phillip Shearer leave FRC. Shearer is drunk so Dale drops him off at the Methodist Church where Shearer was staying. Dale & Blaine then bought a six pack of beer & went to see Jan Stites & Mary Bell and played cards. <Dale Meeks / Crim>

810411-2100c (Just before) Nadia Ammer & Peggy Davisson leave the Back Door Bar. <Nadia Ammer / Crim>

810411-2100c Dana Green leaves Dan Winston's house. Others at Winston's include Pamela Jackson, Cory Davison & James Gossett Jr. PBS confirmed that they aired a National Geographic film on guerillas [gorillas] at 9:00p.m.. <Pamela Jackson / Stoy> <James Gossett, Jr. / Stoy>

810411-2100c Tina went home from the Seabolt's at the conclusion of the Barbara Mandrell Show on TV. <Sheila Sharp / Bradley>

810411-2100c Mrs. Meeks telephoned Sue Sharp & said Johnny & Dana would be home later. Sue was wearing a towel robe. <Richard Sharp / Crim>

810411-2100c Paula Seabolt sees a green van parked around the Sharp house about 9:00pm, after dark, but she did not see anyone around it? (Description could match Carl Kautzer's van?) <Paula Seabolt / Stoy>

810411-2100c Donna Williams is in Tami Stead's car with Debbie Ellison & Penny Waltmeyer. They are going from Gansner Park to the Mineral Building when Donna saw Johnny & Dana hitchhiking towards Keddie by the Exxon Station.<Donna Williams / Crim>

810411-2100c Tina Sharp came home from the Seabolt's, did the dishes, and returned to the Seabolt's. <Richard Sharp / Crim>

810411-2100c Banier Heater, his wife, Betty, and their son Stacey, and his girlfriend, Suzie Wilson, arrive at the Back Door Bar. <Betty Heater / Crim>

810411-2100c Mark Wright and his parents, Paulie & Simone Wright arrive at the Back Door Bar and went to the bar. Mark saw Jack Brown & Bill & Judy <Mark Wright / Crim>

810411-2100c Bill & Pat Jester & Pat & Frank Ames complete their dinner at the Keddie Resort and go downstairs to the Back Door Bar. <Patricia Jester / Crim>

810411-2100c James Gossett, Jr. leaves Dan Winston's & joins Dana Green at their (James & Dana's) residence. <James Gossett, Jr. / Stoy>

810411-2100c (Sometime after) Sue Sharp puts on a white robe with blue flowers & yellow. Love Boat was on TV. <Justin Smartt / Crim>

810411-2110c David Eisenman & Joey Carvelo drive to the party on Mt. Hough. Jack Green, Dean Hanson & John Frazer are also at the party. David & Joey stay a short time & drive to the Exxon for food. <David Eisenman / Stoy>

810411-2115c Bobby Jester arrives at Back Door Bar. <Bobby Jester / Crim>

810411-2100c (2100-2130) Tina Sharp comes home from the Seabolt's and goes to bed. <Justin Smartt / Crim>

810411-2100c (2100-2130) Kathy Boscoe [Bosco], Cabin 24, returns home from having spent the day in Nevada City with Gail Knoettgen who she left off before arriving home. A friend, Bill Willard, came & stayed until 10:30pm. <Kathy Boscoe / Crim>

810411-2100c Tina came home from the Seabolt's & went to bed shortly after. Tina was wearing a blue Tee shirt and blue jeans. Richard later says Tina came home about 9:45pm. <Richard Sharp / Crim>

810411-2100c (2100-2130) The Sharp's telephone rang, and Sue said, "Who is this?" <Richard Sharp / Crim>

810411-2135c (2100-2130) David Eisenman & Joey Carvelo [Carvalho] leave the Exxon & see Johnny & Dana hitchhiking near Van Gas. They stop and talk for 5-10 minutes. Dana asks how the party is going on Mt. Hough. David believes they were at the party earlier, but did not see them. <David Eisenman / Stoy>

810411-2130c (2130-2145) Banier & Betty Heater & son, Stacy, & Suzie Wilson leave the Back Door Bar. <Betty Wilson / Crim>

810411-2130c (2130-2200) James Loos & wife, Nina, & Tom & Peggy Retallock arrive at the Back Door Bar. <James Loos / Bradley>

810411-2130c (2130-2200) Christopher Mehne and girlfriend, Kristie Teater, arrive at Back Door Bar. <Christopher Mehne / Bradley>

810411-2130c (2130-2200) Don & Nancy Davis finish eating dinner at the Keddie restaurant, along with John Newcomb & Penny Bassinger [Basinger] & then go downstairs to the Back Door Bar. <Nancy Davis / Crim>

810411-2130c (2130-2200) Carl Spang leaves the Greenville show & drives to Meadow Valley. He sees "Dana" & another man, "John" or Jake" & inside were two WMAs well dressed & two other WMAs. The six got into a dark blue LTD and a small car & Carl followed them to Quincy & then to Keddie. <Carl Spang / Stoy>

810411-2200c (Just before) Tina Sharp left the Seabolts, & returned home. <James Seabolt Jr. / Bradley>

810411-2200c Richard Sharp & Justin Smartt go to bed after watching "Love Boat". They talk for 10 minutes & Richard goes to sleep. He says he did not wake during the night. <Richard Sharp / Crim>

810411-2200c Justin Smartt confirms he and Ricky went to bed after "Love Boat” at 10:00pm. He slept on the top bunk bed and Ricky slept on bottom bunk. <Justin Smartt / Crim>

810411-2200c John Boubede and Martin & Marilyn Smartt walk past the Sharp residence on their way to the Back Door Bar. <Boubede / Crim>

810411-2200c Paula Varker, Cabin 18, is awakened by her dog barking towards the vacant lot behind the Sharp residence. She looks at the clock & goes back to sleep. <Paula Varker / Crim>

810411-2200c Victor Krois' wife goes to bed, but he remains up in Cabin 23 due to being a night worker at the lumber mill. <Victor Krois / Crim>

810411-2200c Richard Meeks goes to the Arcade in Quincy & meets Angus Lynch [Dave Figueiro]

810411-2200c Steve Durham arrives at the Arcade & tells Richard Meeks he had just given Dana & Johnny a ride to the park & then back to the Exxon. <Richard Meeks / Stoy>

810411-2200c (Sometime after) Jack MacLean and another man, possibly "Mike" came in the Back Door Bar. <Nancy Davis / Crim>

810411-2200c (Sometime after) Jack MacLean says the first time he went to the Back Door Bar was with "Bob", last name unknown. Time of first visit was not given, but he remembers seeing Don & Nancy Davis. <Also see 1:30-2:00am> <Jack MacLean / Crim>

810411-2200c (Sometime after) One man left the Back Door Bar. Nancy Davis described him as a WMA, unclean, 5-6, under 150, dark brown hair, stubble on face & possibly a mustache, wearing a floppy faded denim hat, faded blue jeans & blue jean jacket. <Could this match Justin's description of one of the suspects?> <Nancy Davis / Crim>

810411-2210c (2210-2215) David Eisenman & Joey Carvello [Carvalho] drive back past Van Gas and see Johnny & Dana again walking toward Keddie. <David Eisenman / Stoy>

810411-2200c (2200-2230)

810411-2200c (2200-2230) Mark Wright & his parents, Paulie & Simone Wright leave the Back Door Bar in an '80 Grey Skylark. (Paul Wright says they arrived at 9:00pm & left at 11:30pm instead of 10-10:30 & Simone thought they left about 9:30pm) <Mark Wright / Crim>

810411-2200c (2200-2230) Simone Wright says it was "a quiet evening". She saw a "Gary" who had a lady with him. Gary lives down the canyon & works for McCullough Brothers. Gary is mid-twenties with long hair. <Simone Wright / Crim>

810411-2200c (2200-2300) James Gossett, Jr. awakens Dana Green to watch the shuttle launch on TV. <James Gossett, Jr. / Stoy>

810411-2230c Vickie Krois falls asleep in a chair at her home, Cabin 17. <Vickie Krois / Crim>

810411-2230c Bill Willard leaves Kathy Boscoe's, Cabin 24, and goes to the Back Door Bar. Kathy goes to bed. <Kathy Boscoe / Crim>

810411-2230c Judy Thomas leaves the Back Door Bar. <Nadia Ammer says she left just before 9:00pm. (Did Judy & Nadia come in separate cars?) <Judy Thomas / Crim>

810411-2230c (Sometime after) Dana Green, Celine Thiebault's girlfriend, leaves the Back Door Bar and drives to Quincy to pick up another girlfriend, Kathy Johnson. <Timothy Dembosz / Crim>

810411-2300c Kathy Johnson arrives at the Back Door Bar with Dana Green. <Kathy Johnson / Crim>

810411-2300c James [Jamie] Seabolt Jr. goes to bed. Did not hear any noise or vehicles on the street. <James Seabolt Jr. / Bradley>

810411-2300c Zonita Seabolt (mother) goes to bed. <Zonita Seabolt / Crim>

810411-2300c Sheila Sharp goes to bed at the Seabolt's. <Sheila Sharp / Bradley>

810411-2300c While enroute to Keddie with Connie Batten, Kevin Bodenham, sees Johnny and Dana hitchhiking toward Quincy. <Kevin Bodenham / Bradley>

810411-2310c Kevin Bodenham & Connie Batten arrive at Bodenham residence across the street from the Sharp's. <Connie Batten / Bradley>

810411-2310c Glen Bodenham leaves residence when Connie & Kevin arrive, and goes to the Post Office trailer to sleep. (Glen says it was 11:00pm, but Connie believes it was 11:10pm) <Glen Bodenham / Bradley>

810411-2330c Arthur Jawad walks from his cabin to Back Door Bar & buys 2 beers. <Arthur Jawad / Bradley>

810411-2330c James & Nina Loos & Tom & Peggy Retallock leave the Back Door Bar. <James Loos / Bradley>

810411-2330c James & Yvonne Wright & Pat & John Walsh leave the Back Door Bar in Wright's '72 white & Orange with primer Chevrolet pickup. <James Wight / Crim>

810411-2330c Margaret Drage leaves work at the Keddie Restaurant kitchen for her home at cabin 4. <Margaret Drage / Bradley>

810411-2330c Lisa Hensel arrives at the Back Door Bar. <Lisa Hensel / Crim>

810411-2330c Bill Jones, arrives at the Back Door Bar the same time as Lisa Hensel, and follows her inside. <Lisa Hensel / Crim> <William Jones / Crim>

810411-2330c The light in the front yard at the Sharp residence was off when Les Hogobaum walks past. It was normally on. <Janise Albin / Grim>

810411-2330c (2330-0000) Christopher Mehne and girlfriend, Kristie Teater, leave the Back Door Bar. <Christopher Mehne / Bradley>

810411-2330c (2330-0000) Judy & Bill Lake leave the Back Door Bar just as Jan & Doug Albin come downstairs from the restaurant. <Judy Lake / Crim>

April 12, 1981

810412-0000c Vickie Krois, Cabin 17, awakens in a chair, gets up and goes to bed. She doesn't hear anything, but the neighbors remark it was strange the dog's in the area didn't bark. <Vickie Krois / Crim>

810412-0000c Timothy Dembosz leaves the Back Door Bar and enroute, sees a dark color, square shaped van parked across the Keddie bridge by the pond. <Timothy Dembosz / Crim>

810412-0000c Julian Riviera goes to bed in Cabin 20. He says "it was very quiet". Usually, his neighbor, Ron's, dog barks loudly when cars are around, but the dog did not bark at all There were not many people driving around. <Julian Riviera / Crim>

810412-0000c Justin Smartt told his mother, Marilyn, that Johnny & Dana came home at midnight. (How known?) <Marilyn Smartt / Crim>

810412-0000c Carl Spang follows the two cars from Meadow Valley to Keddie. The blue LTD parks in front of the house just South of the Sharp residence. The small car went past Sharp's & turned left. Carl then drives his blue & primer '67 Chevrolet van across the bridge to the pond & waits for the vehicles to come out. He waits long enough to smoke a "joint" & then leaves & drives to the Pioneer Bar in Greenville. He also admits making up parts of a previous statement to Deputy Wright. <Carl Spang / Stoy>

810412-0000c (Sometime During the Night) Justin Smartt has a dream where he describes the two suspects having a fight with Johnny & Dana. He says one suspect took tape from his right pocket, and one of the suspects called Mrs. Sharp, "Sue". <Justin Smartt / Crim>

810412-0000c (Sometime During the Night) George Johnson spent the night at Dennis Margosan's house. Myers & Cathy Smith also spent the night there and possibly Rhonda Hardy. <George Johnson / Crim>

810412-0000c (0000-0030) Bill Willard leaves the Back Door Bar. <Kathy Boscoe [Bosco] / Crim>

810412-0000c (0000-0030) LeAnn [Penny] Basinger & John Newcomb leave the Back Door Bar. Jack MacLean & his friend leave at the same time. <LeAnn Basinger / Crim>

810412-0000c (0000-0030) Doug Gleason walked across the Spanish Creek foot bridge, past the Varker cabin and on to the Back Door Bar. <Doug Gleason / Bradley>

810412-0000c (0000-0030) Bill Jones, Jr. leaves the Back Door Bar. He says it was "a quiet night". <Lisa Hensel / Crim> <William Jones / Crim>

810412-0045c Art Jawad leaves his residence & tells James Jones he is going to Kathy Boscoe's house to spend the night. <James Jones / Stoy>

810412-0045c Mike Malone arrives at Art Jawad & James Jones cabin about the time Jawad leaves & the two watch Saturday Night Live. <James .Jones / Stoy>

810412-0030c (0030-0100) Dale Meeks leaves Jan Stites & Mary Bell's house next door, and goes home. <Dale Meeks / Crim>

810412-0100c Arthur Jawad walks back to Back Door Bar. <Arthur Jawad / Bradley> Mike Malone leaves James Jones & Art Jawad's cabin. <James Jones / Stoy>

810412-0100c Eric Roy, Bobby Jester & Lisa Hensel quit playing records at the Back Door Bar. <Bobby Jester / Crim>

810412-0100c Martin Smartt gets mad at the bar because the music is changed from Country Western to rock and roll so he and his wife Marilyn & John Boubede leave and walk home past the Sharp residence. <Boubede / Crim>

810412-0100c Billy & Pat Jester & Frank & Pat Ames leave the Back Door Bar. <Billy jester / Crim> <Patricia Jester / Crim>

810412-0100c Connie Batten leaves the Bodenham residence to return to Quincy. Has the "weird" feeling she is being watched. <Connie Batten / Bradley>

810412-0100c (0100-0130) Beatrice Sanders was waiting up for her son, Carl Spang, when he arrives home. Carl told her ho saw a dark colored or black LTD, with a San Rafael license bracket, with a flat tire between Keddie & the Greenville "Y". The people inside were well dressed so he changed their tire. Beatrice does not notice anything unusual about Carl. <Beatrice Sanders / Stoy>

810412-0100c (0100-0200) Jack MacLean returns a second time to the Back Door Bar. He was accompanied by Mike Wright who waited outside in MacLean's beige 1967 Ford pickup. MacLean bought 3 six packs and went out & then returned & bought one more six pack. He saw Jack Bryce when he was in the bar. <Jack MacLean / Crim>

810412-0115c Martin Smartt & John Boubede return to the Back Door Bar, again walking past the Sharp residence, after Martin calls and apologizes. Marilyn Smartt goes to bed. <Boubede / Crim>

810412-0115c Barbara Meyer wakes Michael Plyer, Cabin 16, after hearing sounds. Both then heard what sounded like muffled screams from rear of their cabin. Digital clock showed 1:15. <Michael Plyer/ Bradley>

810412-0115c (0115-0120) Arthur Jawad leaves Back Door Bar and sees old P/U in parking lot. Does not hear any dogs barking. <Arthur Jawad / Bradley>

810412-0130c Daryl Josephson & his ex-wife, Charlotte, leave the bowling alley (Paradise?) and have breakfast, and then spends the night with Charlotte. <Daryl Josephson / Crim>

810412-0130c Alton "Lee" Mitchell & his wife, Sheila, arrive at the Back Door Bar. Kathy Andrea, a male bartender & three other people seated at the bar were there. <Alton Mitchell / Crim>

810412-0130c Eric Roy leaves the Back Door Bar after Bob Jester helps him load his records. <Jester says he left at 2:00am> <Eric Roy / Crim>

810412-0130c James Jones goes to bed at his Keddie cabin & Jawad is not there. <James Jones / Stoy>

810412-0145c (0145-0200) Doug Gleason leaves the Back Door Bar and walks home across the swinging bridge to his home. (No mention of Lisa Hensel accompanying him.) <Doug Gleason / Bradley>

810412-0145c (0145-0200) Lisa Hensel says she went home, with "Doug" who lives across the swinging bridge & spent the night. <Lisa Hensel / Grim>

810412-0200c Joe Baze and his girlfriend, Helen Johnson, leave the Pioneer Bar in Susanville. (Confirmed by Helen Johnson) <Joe Baze / Bradley>

810412-0200c Bobby Jester helps Eric Roy load records into Eric's pickup at the Back Door Bar. (See Roy's statement at 1:30am) <Bobby jester / Crim>

810412-0200c Kathy Johnson leaves the Back Door Bar with Celine Thiebault in Celine's car. <Kathleen Johnson / Crim>

810412-0200c Alton "Lee" Mitchell & wife, Sheila leave the Back Door Bar when it closes. <Alton Mitchell / Crim>

810412-0200c Richard Meeks, Angus Lynch [Dave Figueiro], Steve Durham & Mike Hamilton leave the Arcade. <Richard Meeks / Stoy>

810412-0200c Victor Krois, Cabin 23, says his 3 cats were acting strangely & kept going in & out. He had to get up from watching TV and let them in & out. Normally they sleep all night. <Victor Krois / Cria>

810412-0200c (0200-0300) Daniel Schake, Reynard & Kenny Compton, Bobby & Jimmy West, & Steve Ballard quit playing cards at Daniel's house. Daniel had purchased a keg of beer earlier in the day to have a party but not enough people showed up. <Daniel Schake / Crim>

810412-0220c Bobby Jester leaves the Back Door Bar. <Bobby Jester / Crim>

810412-0220c Kathy Andrea leaves the Back Door Bar. She is the bartender on Friday & Saturday nights & works weekdays at Nuggett Motors. As she approaches her Olds Cutlass parked in the NW corner of the parking lot, she heard a noise like someone putting something into a car & heard a male & female voice. Kathy dropped her car keys. <Kathy Andrea / Bradley>

810412-0230c Michelle Curran leaves the Back Door Bar after bartending driving a '71 Chevrolet Impala. <Michelle Curran / Bradley>

810412-0230c Jack Brown leaves with Michelle Curran. <Michelle Curran / Bradley>

810412-0300c Victor Krois leaves cabin 23, after watching TV all night, & drives to the Exxon Mini Market to buy a Sacramento Bee newspaper. <Victor Krois / Crim>

810412-0300c Kathy Boscoe [Bosco], Cabin 24, gets up from sleeping and sees the back porch light on at the Sharp's. <Kathy Boscoe / Crim>

810412-0800c Sheila Sharp leaves the Seabolt residence for home. She came back hysterical saying. "Come quick, there are three bodies over there, blood all over and a knife & their hands are tied." <Zonita Seabolt / Bradley / Crim>

810412-0830c Sheila Sharp & James [Jamie] Seabolt Jr. open Richard & Greg's bedroom window and tell them & Justin to get out through the window. <Richard Sharp / Crim>

810412-0830c Richard Sharp was awakened by Sheila at the bedroom window. He didn't wake up or hear any noise during the night. <Richard Sharp / Crim>

810412-0000c Marilyn Smartt says Justin Came home and said he saw the bodies and Johnny was protecting his mother. He said that Johnny and Dana came in at midnight, but insisted that he was asleep (How known) <Marilyn Smartt / Crim>

810412-0000c Dee Lake's car is observed at Mastin Smart's residence <Dee Lake / Stoy>

810412-0930c (0930-1000) Daryl Josephson leaves his ex-wife's and drives to Keddie. <Daryl Josephson / Crim>

810412-1000c Joe Baze arrives at his sister, Irma Talley's, residence in Standish <Joe Baze / Bradley>

810412-1100c (1100-1200) Daryl Josephson says he returned to Keddie from Paradise <Daryl Josephson / Bradley>

810412-1545c Joe Baze returns to Quincy from Standish. <Joe Baze / Bradley>

810412-1900c (1900-2000) Dale "Wade" Meeks, Blaine Grubert & Phillip Shearer go to Keddie to visit Marilyn Smartt. <Dale Meeks / Crim>

810412-0000c Chief <Phillip Shearer> was collecting money for slain victims in front of Thrifty Drug saying he was a friend of theirs. <Jerry Russo / Bradley>

810412-0000c Wayne Goudy, the bartender at the Back Door Bar, left town. He had told Jack Brown he was leaving on Wed / Thu (4-8/9). He telephoned Jack on Sunday morning from San Jose. <Brubaker / Bradley>

April 13, 1981

810413-1400c Dorm student, Gary Bianco, returns from Easter vacation to Bay area. <Gary Bianco / Bradley>

810413-1400c Judith Lynt & daughter, Kim, see Martin Smartt walking East bound on Hwy70 in Portola. He was carrying back pack & bed roll & wearing a green fatigue jacket. <Judith Lynt / Bradley>

810413-1000c Steven Lucas, FRC student, returns from Easter vacation. <Steven Lucas / Bradley>

April 14, 1981

810414c John "Bo" Boubede leaves the Smartt residence and goes to Klamath Falls, Oregon. <Boubede / Crim>

810414c (April 14 or 15) Daryl Josephson returns to Maple Leaf Bar. When David Russell asks about Sue, Josephson replies. "Don't you read the paper? She was murdered." <David Russell / Bradley>

810416c James Sharp arrives in Reno from Connecticut, rents a car, and drives to Quincy for the funerals. He stays with Don & Nancy Davis. Later he went to Oregon until the following Tues / Wed. <Jim Sharp / Bradley>

810420c Agents Leonard & Grim are at the Round Table Pizza and hear two subjects talking about Tina. They left in a green & white '66 Ford pickup registered to Dalton & Vickki [Vicki] Wooten [Wootton? Wooton?]. <Crim>

810425c Margaret Lewis says Susan Krois, Chuck Walke & another guy came to the Keddie Dorm. Walke had what appeared to be 3-4 old, scabbed cuts on the back of his right hand. He talked about mugging a guy. < Margaret Lewis / Bradley>

810522c Cheryl Jones telephoned the Sheriff's Office and said Gary Scully, owner of the Trailer Park behind Cal Gas thought one of the composites looked like John Sessions. <Cheryl Jones / Bradley>

810613c (June 13-17) Ramona Lake received a card from Martin Smartt saying "Bo" was dead. Martin said he was in Walla Walla selling tickets for a circus. <Marilyn Smartt / Bradley>

810900c Suspect Daniel French moves from Hill Top Bonanza Ranch, Reno. <Daniel French / Bradley>

810900c Steve McKim comes back to Twain after September 3 and asks Andy Tidwell to take him to Quincy. Steve didn't say why he was leaving. <Andy Tidwell>

840422c Tina Sharps skull is found by a bottle hunter, Ronald Pedrini, at Camp Eighteen, Feather Falls, Butte County. <Stoy>

840530-1845c An anonymous male caller telephones the Butte County Sheriff's Department and says the skull found is from the missing 12 year old girl from the Keddie murders which occurred 2 years ago. (A copy of the audio is in evidence.) <Crim>

830310c DOJ reports a new process for developing partial prints using laser. The bloody print from the scene was enhanced so suspects names should be resubmitted for comparison.
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Re: Timeline C (the REAL Timeline A)

Postby Bruja505 » Thu Sep 10, 2015 11:04 am

So many different vehicles yet one seems to keep popping up- the van. Yet it wasn't pursued it seems. Nor the male with cuts on top of hands questioned either. So many doings, so many observers, yet no one was doing anything about all these strange things going on. I don't know what kind of Hell was unleashed on Keddie but I can say that for some reason it's Fury was taken out on Sue, Johnny, Dana, and Tina but the other kids were spared. Why? Drugs dominate the whole picture. Users, dealers, theft of weed. Manafacturing of Meth has always been highly popular in very rural densely populated areas. Could Sue or perhaps Tina most likely, stumbled across something they shouldn't have? Did the boys know of something, seemed a threat? The more I read the more questions come up about why why why? Anyone out there have some similar theories?

Re: Timeline C (the REAL Timeline A)

Postby dmac » Thu Sep 10, 2015 2:38 pm

Many of your Qs have come up dozens of times in the past, so I've begun a thread here meant to answer common Qs and misunderstandings about the Keddie case.

As for meth, 81 was pretty damned early in the game. Meth manufacturing had just started to explode, and it was controlled by nefarious corporate mentalities, including biker gangs. Meth sprang from the Sac Valley around that time- it's real birthplace, and also the HQ of CA-DOJ. I don't think meth manufacturing had squat to do with Keddie, but I do believe massive plumas pot fields and coke distribution played key roles in why dirty factions of PCSO and DOJ conspired to further victimize the dead by denying justice.

The only guy I recall with cuts on the tops of his hands was Chuck Walke, and he's all over the case- mainly as a liar trying to get his kicks by being associated with the Keddie murders.

Hope that helps- and welcome to the forum-

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Re: Timeline C (the REAL Timeline A)

Postby Bruja505 » Thu Sep 10, 2015 4:44 pm

Hey!!! Thanks for the answers!!! I can see pot crops as lucrative but coke? Man that would be the money maker there!!!! Crack and Freebasing would've been making the scene about that time and Crack is still a lucrative money maker today!!!! But where would Sue fit in? Perhaps Johnny and Dana got involved with something they shouldn't have got mixed up in, maybe they made the wrong people "nervous" and what happened happened. The only ones who know took their story to their graves and the living, if still alive, will keep secrets till they die. I have to agree that a serial killer is totally out of the question. Serial killers have a target, a MO and if that was the case with the murders in Cabin 28 no one would've survived. I've looked at the photos of Keddie today and I'm intrigued by the remains of torn down cabins. Maybe I'm just weird but I'd comb thru those just to see what turned up, walk the ground where 27-28 once stood and in general walk a perimter. Cabin 26 I did not like. I felt things from the pictures, mainly the front room and that creepy basement!!! Why the hell is all that dirt shoved up to one side like that? That seems just wrong!!! That whole lay-out is just wrong!!! The chair, everything!!! I get a picture of grown men hangin out there drinkin beer and gettin high and being up to no good, probley doing things they shouldn't be doing. Maybe with the neighborhood kids? Just a feeling I get and it's just a feeling that's probley out there where the buses don't run lol!!!! As I stated I don't know WHAT kind of Hell was unleashed in Keddie but I doubt the truth will ever be known sadly. All the excisting cabins, the foundations of torn down cabins, all of the surroundings have secrets that will never be told. I am going to pursue the angle on "Bo", then Marty and Marylin. Thos 2- mainly her, seemed to have done way too much talking, like trying to defend themselves, their actions.

Re: Timeline C (the REAL Timeline A)

Postby ZodiacHoax » Sun Dec 11, 2016 7:56 pm

I'm still confused.

1. Do ANY police or DOJ reports mention ANYONE at the back door bar—especially the bartender and the DJ—state that they remember seeing, talking to, or arguing with Boubede or Smartt? There are mentions of people at the bar noticing other people, but supposedly, Marty knew several people there. Did THEY report seeing Marty? Were they ASKED?

2. Aren't there more statements from the Seabolt (parents)? It just seems that almost the only source of info about Tina's movements is Justin and Paula.

3. I don't understand why Sheila and James Seabolt didn't try to get TINA out of the GIRLS bedroom window? They only reported that they went to the BOYS bedroom window.

4. I don't see why anybody would consider ANYTHING Marilyn ever said in any report, or anywhere else, to be useful at all. I recommend ignoring ALL of it. Might be less confusing.

It just seems like very little effort was made by investigators to really pin down where Tina was, and when, and with whom.

5. Oh, I forgot. Johnny and Dana's CASE WORKER (or whatever Lucilia was) drove them to a PARTY?

Re: Timeline C (the REAL Timeline A)

Postby dmac » Sun Dec 11, 2016 9:42 pm

Back off. Read. Review. Delete most of these Qs and hopefully replace them with challenging Qs.
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Re: Timeline C (the REAL Timeline A)

Postby ZodiacHoax » Sun Dec 11, 2016 10:00 pm

Again, it's clear you don't like questions that you haven't thought of yourself. It's no skin off my nose. If the answer to my question is not on the thread where you posted the report, try linking to the correct thread. I sure didn't see any ANSWERS to these questions anywhere. Since THIS thread contains the report I had a question about, I thought THIS thread would be the place to ask it. I did see someone ask, on another thread, why Sheila and the Seabolts didn't look in the girls bedroom window, but there was no answer. The question was ignored. And is being ignored again. Which, again, is 100 percent your prerogative.

Re: Timeline C (the REAL Timeline A)

Postby dmac » Sun Dec 11, 2016 10:23 pm

Haven't thought of myself? You're asking Qs that a moron could answer. And I'm the first to recommend my faults as cause for sport. I get a lot right, but I also fuck up and am willing to make the distinction clear. You've asked no Qs that trouble me. You've brought nothing to the case. You solely wish to incorporate Bo into your own madness.

Good luck with that, Newest Zodiac Hoaxster.
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