Case News:

  • 0111The blood patterns on the floor of the living room are being added to the 3-D mockup of the crime scene. The first, and rudimentary, version is found here. Even in this early stage, several areas are noticeable, where victims were left to bleed out before finally being staged.

  • 0103A partial grab of Jesse Wolf's message board (c. 2008) has been permanently archived here. A new 3D walk-through of the crime scene and cabin went online today here. An interactive 3D panorama shot is live here. A 3D layout of Cabin 28 as a crime scene is found here.

  • ▼ 2015 ▼

  • 1018There's long been a belief the killers left the back door of Cabin 28 wide open when they left. We now know they, indeed, left the back door ajar.
  • 1016Tina's death certificate is now online. Information on it bolsters other documents indicating her skull was found on April 11, the 3rd anniversary of the murders.
  • 1016The year and model of Dee Lake's green Ford station wagon, presumably used to dispose of Tina's body (and destroyed by PCSO because it held vital evidence) has tentatively been identified.
  • 1015Read up on Joe Amarmino, a self-confessed international hash smuggler while he was a priest. After his prison stint, he was apparently still quite active in the Meadow Valley drug scene- and very good friends with Marty. Why, then, were he and Pat afraid of Marty and afraid to talk to LE after the murders?
  • 1004A definite and distinct wound to Sue's face came from the sight of the rifle barrel. That sight was later found on the floor of 28, broken off the rifle barrel. This indicates the killers brought the gun to the scene and used it early on in the attacks that led to murders.
  • 0924In an overlooked interview with Sheila months after the crimes, she seems to state Sue and the kids stopped by the Baze trailer on their way back to KEddie, after visiting the MEeks on Saturday.
  • 0915A 3-D video Tour inside of Cabin 28 has been constructed. Watch the video here.
  • 0822An old news article, posted here for the first time, details the search for Tina, as well as PCSO blaming the murders on the I-5 Killer, who had been under arrest a full month before the Keddie murders.
  • 0820In piecing together accounts of the green van first seen parked in front of cabin 28 on Saturday evening, it's possible the van is related and the crimes began much earlier than believed.
  • 0817We've known for some time of a CA DEA agent's address and number being in Johnny's school papers/notebook. Now we've uncovered mention of a DEA business card found in possession of one of the victims.
  • 0811If Crimley's sole interview with Rick Sharp was a complete bust, resulting in a 'tape malfunction' and no transcript, how do documents quote 'facts' from Crimley's 'interview with Rick Sharp'?!
  • 0808The weapon(s) used to crush Dana's skull after his death is just as likely the rifle barrel, rather than the table leg.
  • 0726Sheriff Slyvester Douglas Thomas lived in cabin 28 just before the victims moved in. This also makes Marty's insistence he stayed with his pal, the sheriff, much more believable.
  • 0716PCSO Mike Gamberg posts a few memories of Sheriff Sly Thomas and his bogus firings.
  • 0701Marilyn Smartt Musgrove: yet another key player on the move.
  • 0606New details on Chenault Enterprises, and the circus/carnival that may have hired Bo and Marty after the murders, transporting them under cover across the country.
  • 0606When Marty confessed to the murders, he told his counselor he'd joined a carnival working it's way north. We know he ended up in Washington shortly thereafter, but is this the circus Marty and Bo joined in order to visit relatives in Texas?
  • 0605In consideration of new information, yet more alibis continue to crumble under the most basic scrutiny. Where were Meeks, Gruebert, and Shearer really at during the hours of the murders?
  • 0529Far more details on the 1981 murder of Ralph Balcom, once considered similar to the Keddie Murders, have been posted.
  • 0529More detailed information on Marilyn Smartt Musgrove's background, including how she met Marty, has been supplied.
  • 0522Sue's brother, Don Davis, entered Cabin 28 prior to LE first entering the cabin.
  • 0522The Strange Story of Philip Shearer just got much more complex: he was related to the Meeks. Both of his alibis on the night of the murders, Wade Meeks and Gruebert, were best pals with Marty, and were (or ended up) in sexual relationships with Marilyn.
  • 0520 New case details from Sheila, from a recent podcast in which she was involved.
  • 0517There is clear indication Sue was afraid of something the night of the murders.
  • 0512Evidence and simple math now indicates at least three rolls of tape were used to restain the victims. One photo also shows the wider med tape used on Dana.
  • 0510Considering PCSO had full access to DOJ and FBI specialists, why were the only composite sketches done by a corrupt sheriff who was friends with the killer, and a talentless cartoonist cop from Reno PD?
  • 0415Marilyn has, for decades, claimed she knocked on Sue's door, asking Sue to be Bo's date at the bar that night. Consider Loon's story to be a complete fabrication.
  • 0214The first Keddie Group Chat of 2015 will be held this Sunday, Feb 15, at 7 pm Pacific Time. Click here for details.
  • 0104Why was a pellet rifle brought to the murder scene by the killers? Details on the weapon, and how it was used, are found on this thread. This was not an unplanned crime.
  • 2014

  • 1002Josh Hancock's industry of blood-money greed via his exploitation of the Keddie Murders has apparently imploded. Under legal threat, he deleted his Facebook group, YouTube Channel, and his own website.
  • 0830Sheriff Hagwood recently admitted to the Plumas News that PCSO has had, for decades, a Special Investigations slush fund (as large as $1,000,000). This again proves decades of lies by PCSO that there was no money to investigate the Keddie Murders, including testing DNA.
  • 0822Confessed murderer Marty Smartt went by two birthdays. One of them was April 11, the night of the murders. Did this birthday have anything to do with Marty, Marilyn, and Bo going to the bar, and the murders that followed?
  • 0820Dee Lake's former home on Lee Rd, which he abandoned when he ran away from Plumas for Oregon, is in foreclosure. Why did Dee leave Plumas to buy a house in Oregon, letting the Quincy house go to the bank? Doesn't that sound like he's running from something? Does it have to do with mounting pressure about the Keddie Murders?
  • 0806Bo Boubede's addresses and exploits in Nevada have long been rumor fodder. While this new forum thread is rudimentary, it manages to both clear up and cloud the mysteries surrounding tales of Bo the Vegas Hitman.
  • 0727Longstanding claims have been partially confirmed by several inside sources. Evidently, PCSO impounded a case-related car and then had it destroyed. Was it Dee Lake's car? Is this the smoking gun showing PCSO destroyed evidence to further derail the case?
  • 0720A new section of the forum, 'images i', is open. This allows visitors and new members to read several case image threads which were previously off-limits.
  • 0614The full "Prelimary Report on a Child's Skull Found Near Feather Falls" is now online, including a transcript.
  • 0614If you are familiar with the crime and how the bodies were 'discovered', the initial posing of Sue's body explains why she was discovered in a seemingly impossible position.
  • 0427One of the cotton clotheslines attached to the rear of Cabin 28 was down. Was it that way prior to the crimes, did the killers do it, or was it just more police bungling? Click here for photos and more.
  • 0412On the 33rd Anniversary of this horrific crime, more is being done in the background than can possibly be discussed without ruining the outcome of the work. That said, many things are falling into place, and the fortress walls that have hidden the truth all these years are crumbling. Let's make 2014 a year of high tectonic activity.
  • 0405Cabin 27 Torn Down Prior to 28
    Another close look at an old photo of Cabin 28 being torn down shows 27 was demolished first. This is another indicator that all the condemned buildings in Keddie were demolished at the same time, meaning 28 was not singled out for demolition by anyone.
  • 0328New Information in the Mark Wilson case.
    Mark Wilson disappeared in 1967, on foot from Meadow Valley to Quincy to go to the Town Hall Theater. He never arrived.
  • 0120A huge stride forward in connecting Bo's Chicago activities to Bo's Keddie activities. According to books like Pay, Quit, or Die, Rini's boss in Chicago, Hyman Larner, was one of the most powerful mafia leaders in America. After the McClellan Committee hearings in the late 50s, Hy didn't disappear. He moved to Panama and became the leading middleman between that government and their drug sources, and the CIA & Bush/Reagan administration that imported cocaine into America in exchange for arms. Read more here.

  • 2013

  • 1116Crime scene photos show there were five clotheslines behind Cabin 28, yet one of the cotton lines was not intact on April 12. Were the killers responsible for it being down?
    A link will be provided when the details are posted on the forum.
  • 1013Close scrutiny of autopsy photos show most knife wounds to Sue are postmortem.

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