Chronological Series of Events
in Martin Ray "Marty" Smartt's life
as Taken from Investigation Files & Other Sources

Timeline "M"

490511-????m Martin Ray Smartt born in TN (Spencer was born in Palmer, TN).

57????-????mSummer: family moves to Phoenix AZ- Went to North High, would have graduated around 67, but he ran off to California and married at age 17, claiming he was 19.

660724-????m Marty (just barely 17, stated age 19) marries Linda (age listed as 18) in Imperial County, CA.

67????-????m US ARMY Around 20 weeks of boot camp and specialized training before being stationed as a cook in a non-combat base in South Vietnam (Long Binh and/or Bien Hoa, both south of Saigon, away from combat). Marilyn states at one point Marty was in the brig for two months ('something to do with the commander's daughter and drugs'). He enlisted, the work was easy, he was never in harm's way, and nobody twisted his arm to re-up. Marty had no legitimate reason to claim PTSD, but he did.

67????-????m Marty and Linda have three kids, between 67 and 1971, all born in San Bernardino County

69????-????m Upon return from Nam and dismissal from the army, returns to Phoenix. During this period, Marty reportedly tried to kill his brother, Spenceypoo, and threatened to blow up his parents' house. He also spent time in Phoenix with Marylin. Marilyn also reported to LE that Marty called her in Plumas from Phoenix to say he was on his way to kill her.

72????-????m Marty and Linda have two more children between 1972-1973. It's unknown where one was born, but the other was evidently born in Corvalis, CA.

7308??-????m Marty, his pregnant wife, and kids hitchhike from Phoenix towards Marty's friend's place in the northwest, but stop short and settle in Corvalis, OR, when Linda had to give birth.

72????-78????m Phoenix AZ- During this period, Marty stays in Phoenix for unknown periods of time, during which he tried to kill his brother, blow up his parents' house, and where he spent time with his first wife and kids, and with Marylin. Marilyn officially reported that Marty called her in Plumas from Phoenix to say he was on his way to kill her.


79????-????m Around this time, according to Marilyn,she meets Marty in Oregon City, OR; shortly after, they move to Phoenix AZ, then to Milwaukee, OR. Thereafter, Loon and Casey move to Burney, leaving Marty. Marty tracks her down, shows up "unannounced", and they are back together.

790514-????m Marty (just turned 30) and Marilyn (32, b. 12/27/46) wed, but had lived together for two years. {Crim interview w/ Marilyn 810421}


8003??-????m March or April) Marty tries to run over Marilyn and the kids with a car. {Crim interview w/ Marilyn 810421}

8006??-????m Summer. Moves from Burney, CA to Keddie Cabin 26 with Marilyn and Casey to take cook job offered by new owners (Albins)

800701-????m Smartts move into Cabin 26 {Consent to Search form, 15 April 81}

December 1980

8012??-????m A man named David says Johnny and Tim entered his house occupied with Rose B., a school bus driver, and stole a lid of marijuana (also stole one in June 1980). Tim’s father paid his son’s half but Johnny never paid his $25 debt. Johnny was with a guy named “Wolf,” who now lives in Portola. It was Wolf who took the marijuana, without Johnny’s knowledge, from Rose. Joe C. told Rose who was involved and Johnny and Wolf worked the matter out.


81????-????m Steve D. states that he "scored hash" from Martin Smartt on two occasions. Martin S. would also front hash to people he trusted and Martin S. makes hash. Steve D. has seen as much as a pound of hash in Martin S.'s house. (prior to April 11) <Leonard>

810316-????m Marty admits himself to Reno VA hospital's psych ward. At first meeting with therapist, discusses problems with marriage / oncoming breakup, and that he didn't want a divorce, and needed help with anger management and with women skills. Agrees to weekly 1-hour meetings. {part 2}

8103??-????m Marty threatens to break Johnny Sharp's hands. {Crim interview w/ Marilyn 810421}

810323-????m (week of) 2nd meeting with Reno therapist, discussing anger and marital issues. {part 2}

810330-????m (week of) 3rd meeting with Reno therapist. He states during one of these first meetings he believes he's suffering from PTSD, as the result ot service in Viet Nam. As therapist Marty he was a cook stationed in either Long Binh or Bien Hoa, both just outside Saigon and the safest places to pull duty in Nam, the therapist asked if he ever saw action or received rockets. mortar fire, ever even fired his rifle or heard gunfire. "No" was the reply but he stated, when laying in bed, he worried it might happen. When he was pushed on the subject, he admitted he was never fearful, and that he "had an easy tour" in the military.

810331-????m Dee brings Marty back from Reno. With them is Severin John (John S) "Bo" Boubede who moves, unannounced, into their one-bedroom cabin, with Marty, Marilyn, and their two young boys.

April 1981

810404-????m Document shows either on this date or April 11. Marty called a friend (who reported the incident) stating if he didn't get things 'straightened out', Marty might kill someone. {PCSO Report}

810404-????m (week of) Bo would get up at night and wander around outside {Crim interview w/ Marilyn 810421}

810406-????m (week of) 4th meeting with Reno therapist. {part 2}

810408-????m Bo meets Sue this evening, according to Crim interview with Marilyn on 4/21 {Crim interview w/ Marilyn 810421}

810409-????m Boubede says he would like to get to know Sue better. {Crim interview w/ Marilyn 810421}

810409-????m Sue Sharp meets "Bo" at Marty’s residence. Wade Meeks had earlier introduced Marty to Sue.

April 11, 1981

810411-????b Martin Smartt heard street talk that a bunch of weed and LSD had come into Quincy and heard of some kind of drug party that night somewhere in the area. <Crim>

810411-2100b Marilyn advises that her husband, Marty Smartt, kept saying that he was going to have to line up "Bo" with a woman. She stated that, "Sue is alone and all the kids are probably in bed" and she would probably like to go along. Approximate time: 9:00 pm. <Thomas>

810411-2130b Marty, Marilyn, and Boubede go to Backdoor Bar {DOJ Bo interview}

810411-????m Marty, Marilyn and Bo go to the Keddie Back Door Bar. Boubede and Marty got all dressed up. Bo was wearing a light grey three-piece suit and Marty was wearing a dark green three-piece suit. They went to the bar and stayed there until 2430 to 0100 hrs. Marilyn drank two beers, and Marty drank beer and coke with something in it. She didn't know if Bo had any liquor. Bo and Marty were looking for a girl for Bo. They kept watching all the girls that came in. All three were sitting at a table in the dance floor area of the bar. Marty got up from the table and walked into the front part of the bar. Marilyn didn't see him for 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour. Bo got mad because they changed the type of music that was being played. Bo wanted to leave, so Marilyn and Bo walked into the front part of the bar. Marty was standing at the bar. He wanted to know if they wanted a drink. Marilyn said no, she just wanted to go home. All three walked back to their residence. When they got home a war movie was just coming on television. Bo and Marty were bitching about Jan Albin changing the music. Marty called Jack B., the bartender, and complained about the music. Marty wanted to go back to the bar. Bo said to wait a few minutes, as he was too mad about the music being changed, and he wanted to calm down. Bo and Marty went back to the bar about fifteen minutes after the war movie started. The next morning Marty was in bed with Marilyn and Bo was asleep on the couch, but she didn't know what time they got home. She said that Bo usually hung his coat in the bathroom, but it wasn't there the next morning. Marty said the coat was on the couch. Marilyn checked and the coat was not on the couch. Marilyn said she has not seen Marty's green suit since that Saturday night. She moved out of the house at 2145 hrs., Sunday, 4-12. Asked if she remembered anything unusual when she was walking home from the bar on 4-11-81. She said she couldn't remember anything unusual. {Crim interview w/ Marilyn 810421}

810411-2200b Marilyn Smartt said that she and Martin S. and Bo went to the Back Door Bar. Approximate time: 10 pm <Crim> <Thomas> <Brubaker>

810411-2200b Martin Smartt stated that the only thing he noticed was that the street in front of the Sharp residence seemed to be darker than usual. Approximate time: 10 pm to 2 am <Crim>

810411-2250b Martin Smartt observes two subjects, described as white males, bearded, "hippie types," leaving the Backdoor Bar and getting into an old pickup truck. Approximate time: 10:50-11:00 pm. <Crim>

April 12, 1981

810412-????b Bo and Kathy A. said that Martin S. left the Backdoor Bar.

810412-0045m Bo, Marty and Marilyn leave bar due to change of music from country to rock. {DOJ Bo interview} (time approx)

810412-0100b Martin Smartt and Bo return to the Back Door Bar after leaving Marilyn's home. (time approx)

810412-????b Martin Smartt said John Boubede was in bed when he got up to put wood in the fire.

810412-0710m Neighbor [Albins, cabin 26] calls PCSD, reporting murder {PSCD file}

810412-0720m First deputies [Sgt Shaver / Dep. Klement- ed.] arrive on scene, younger Sharp children removed from scene, along with Justin [by Seabolts and Sheila- ed.]. So all three boys in side bedroom at this time [adjacent to living room]. {PCSD}

810412-0720m Crime scene cordoned off, investigation begins, neighbors and friends questioned. Justin questioned. Justin insists Tina is missing. Determine that wires used to bound bodies were taken from room shared by Sue/Sheila/Tina. Boys found on floor, Sue lying on couch. Henry Thompson and Chuck Walke questioned by PCSD, released shortly thereafter. PCSD determined Tina was in cabin 28, and is now missing, along with “shoebox” that was Tina’s school project. The shoebox was apparently taken from the kitchen {JesseW Timeline posted 12-22-08 8:57 p.m.}

810412-0730m LaRonda Meeks calls Mrs. Meeks to tell her that something had happened at Sue’s, that there are cops all over. Mrs. Meeks tries to call Sue and gets no answer. She then calls Marilyn, who says Sue, John, Dana were dead and Tina was missing. (approx 0730-0800) {Richard’s Mother (RM) posted 2-15-09 12:21 p.m. "anslinger gore files”, 1:20 p.m. "why go back"}

810412-0730m Mrs. Meeks reports that, according to Marilyn, Justin was just sent home alone, no police or FBI accompanied him. Marilyn also said that Justin said everyone at Sue’s was dead. Marilyn told him not to joke. His answer—“No mom, they’re all dead”. (approx 0730-0800) {Richard's Mother 1-26-06 12:10 p.m. "Let’s get real"}

810412-0830m Marilyn (Gypsey2) states that Justin came home around 8:30 a.m. and woke her up. She was alone in bed. She got dressed quickly and went with Justin to talk to Doug Thomas. She states that Justin was unsupervised when he came home that morning. When they went to talk to Doug Thomas, they both sat in his car because it was raining real hard. (approx 0830) {Gypsy2 posted 12-13-06 2:49 p.m. you asked for an update here it is, 6-12-06 8:11 p.m. Justin, 7-18-06 9:35 p.m. ropers, dopers, geeks, and goths}

810412-0830m Marilyn states that when she and Justin were sitting in the car with Doug Thomas, he asked Marilyn if the female body could have been Tina. Justin interrupted and said “That’s not Tina in there, it’s Sue. Tina is missing. Look down by the river”. (approx 0830) {Gypsey2 posted 5-30-06 1:54 p.m. ladies shoe size, 6-28-06 6:26 p.m. Tinas removal}

810412-0800m Mrs Meeks called Marilyn after she got no answer after calling Sue because Wade was concerned. Marilyn said that she was afraid to stay there, she was afraid of what Marty would do to her and her kids. (approx 0800-0900) {RM 1-27-06 8:06 p.m. let’s get real, 7-6-06 11:52 a.m. getting back to the facts}

810412-0830a Dee Lake’s car is observed at Marty’s residence by PCSD {PCSD file}

810412-0800m Jim (Mrs meeks ex-husband) goes to Smartt residence to go woodcutting with Marty, and Marty was in his yard burning debris & a pair of what looked like mens shoes. (approx 0800-0900)

810412-0930m When Mrs. Meeks came home with Marilyn & kids, Jim (her ex) said there were cops all over the place, and Marty was burning leaves in his backyard and there were shoes in them. (approx) {RM 3-22-09 why go back}

810412-1100m Mrs. Meeks goes to Keddie and picks Marilyn and her two sons up. Marilyn said that the police already talked to her and Justin and they tried to hypnotize Justin and he accused Marty. Marilyn told Mrs Meeks she was sure Marty did the murders. Mrs Meeks and Wade didn’t see Marty and Bo at the time. (approx 0900-0930) {RM 7-30-06 4:26 p.m. "things that don’t add up", 1-28-09 2:07 a.m. "evidence that Marty is innocent", 3-22-09 4:19 P.M. "why go back"}

810412-1000mMarty and Bo stop at the Meeks house with a third person. (Possibly Dee Lake) Marty tells Marilyn and Mrs Meeks that he’s taking Bo to the hospital in Reno. He tells Wade that he’s picking up car parts.
{RM 4-30-06 9:35 p.m. tina, where she fits in this, 7-30-06 4:26 p.m. things that don’t add up} "[Dee Lake] was the one who was driving the car that supposedly took Marty and Bo to Reno the next morning. I don't think they went to Reno at all but went to Feather Falls. I think Tina was in that car." (approx 1000-1030) {RM, on this forum, 10 April 2010}

810412-1400m midafternoon Wade and Marilyn go back to cabin 25 to collect belongings. Marilyn said she remembered the police showed up and asked if they could search, and she also showed them the playhouse. She also said she didn’t see Marty and Bo there. Marilyn went with the cops when they searched. [LE did not actually search the residence until days later- ed.] {Gypsey2 7-8-06 1:53 p.m. "what I know", 5-5-06 8:06 a.m. "catching up", 6-18-06 5:46 a.m. "guilty"}

810412-1400m midafternoon When Marilyn and Wade got back to the Meeks residence, Marilyn claims that she saw a bloody hammer and sack in the basement of the Smartt residence. She said nothing to the police about it. *[In 2006, Marilyn couldn't remember saying anything about the bloody hammer and denied she ever said anything about it.] {RM 5-4-06 1:17 a.m. "catching up",7-31-06 4:50 p.m. "outside the box"}

810412-1800m Marty arrives at Meeks duplex after "Reno" trip. Mrs. Meeks says he was agitated, pacing back and forth, and he was high on something. He kept saying he had to get back to Keddie to finish something he started. Mrs Meeks refused to take him to Keddie. (approx 1800-2100) {RM 7-26-06 11:34 a.m. "outside the box", 3-22-09 2:47 p.m. "why go back"}

810412-2145m Marilyn moves out of cabin 26. [This is a technicality, as she left with the children much earlier in the day and returned later to pick up clothing and some belongings.] {Consent to Search form, 15 April 81} They stayed at the Meeks house for 2-3 months, then Marilyn and Wade moved in together at an apartment building next to the Meeks house. {RM 5-3-07 12:49 P.M. "meeks and sharps", 3-16-09 12:15 p.m. "why go back"}

April 13

810413-????b Terry A. said that he knew that Martin Smartt and another guy who he (Terry) didn't know had done the murders. A also said that it was because of a big dope deal and someone was at the wrong place. Reported to Forcino on 5/28/81.

810413-1015m Marty leaves the Meeks house, presumably to go to Keddie. He had no car. (approx) {RM 7-26-06 11:34 a.m. "outside the box", 5-22-09 1:27 p.m. "why go back"}

810413-????m unknown time Police and FBI come to the Meeks house to interview Marilyn and Mrs. Meeks. Marilyn tells about Marty burning clothes in wood stove. Mrs. Meeks wasn’t in the room to hear that. Mrs. Meeks was told by LE that Justin was hypnotized and LE said he didn’t go under deep enough. Mrs. Meeks felt the police were “shining her on”. She thought that the cops thought she was just backing Marilyn up, and that Marilyn would say anything against Marty because she was unhappy in her marriage. {RM 1-26-06 11:38 a.m. let’s get real, 8-24-06 2:45 p.m. "accept it", 10:43 and 11:23 p.m. "why go back"} "when [PCSD] came to my house on the 13th, [Justin] stood right right there and wet his pants. He was scared. {RM on this forum, 27 Mar 2010}

810413-????m unknown time Justin is placed into protective custody for approximately two weeks. He was placed with a family in Meadow Valley. {RM 3-15-09 7:05 p.m. why go back, 11-16-08 12:25 p.m. question for Mrs. Meeks}

810413-1800m (approx) Around dusk, Marty stood across the street and was yelling. Jim (Mrs. Meeks ex) sat by the front door with a shotgun. Marty did this off and on for several days. {RM 7-8-06 4:36 p.m. what I know, 5-3-06 11:04 p.m. catching up, 3-22-09 4:19 p.m. why go back}

810413-1800a Judith L. and her daughter see Marty walking east bound on Hwy 70 in Portola. He was carrying a backpack and bed roll and wearing a green fatigue jacket.

810413-1000m (week of) 5th meeting with Reno therapist. Marty says he's in trouble, given and passed a polygraph, and that the Sheriff was a good friend who even had once let Marty live with him for a few weeks. Marty says that he was probably being blamed for stuff his "guy friends" probably did. Therapist why he would befriend people that would do things that put him in peril, and he had no reply. {part 2}

April 14

810411-????a John Boubede leaves Marty's residence and goes to Klamath Falls, OR.

April 15

810415-0900m Between 9 and 10 am, Marty calls Joan Andrews (Burney, CA), Marilyn's aunt, describing the murders. Joan, afraid for Marilyn's safety, reports incident to police. {PCSO Report; Letter notifyng Ken Shank of call}

810415-????m Marilyn signs first Consent to Search form for cabin 26. Witnessed by Sheriff Thomas and Glenna Meeks. {Consent to Search form, 15 April 81}

April 18

810418-0240m Dale Wade Meeks is arrested and jailed by PCSD for pc23102(a) (DUI). While being booked, Marty Smartt, was in the holding cell. From the report: "When Smartt obs. subj. Meeks, he became enraged. He began to beat on the door, yelling, "Put him in with me, I'll break his fucking neck!" "Tell them where the dope is, Meeks!" "Put him in here with me, I'll find out!" All these statements and many others were yelled at the top of his voice while beating on the walls and door. At approx. 0300 am subj. Smartt lowered his voice from a scream and stated, "You know I got her, Meeks, and I'm going to get you in the same way!" Subj. was removed from the area at this time."

810418-????m This is a report from when Wade was released that day: "On 4-18-81, I talked to D.W. Meeks, prior to his being released from custody on a drunk driving charge. Meeks told me that Smartt and Smartt's friend, Bo, had been at the Back Door Bar in Keddie Saturday night (4-11-81) with Smartt's wife, Marilyn. They had walked Marilyn home, and had returned to the bar after changing clothes, and Marilyn had fallen asleep so she does not know what time they returned home. However, they were there when she awoke the next morning. I asked Meeks how he knew this, and he said Marilyn had told him. Meeks said Bo had left for Klamath Falls, Ore., on Tuesday, 4-14-81, as he had taken Bo to the bus depot himself. Meeks also told me that Justin had said that the police did not check the river thoroughly enough, and that Smartt spent a lot of time at the "Cascades" on the river. I asked where the Cascades were and he said he does not know."

810418-????m Marty calls Joanne Andrews (Burney, CA), Marilyn's aunt, describing the murders. Joan, afraid for Marilyn's safety, reports incident to police. {PCSO Report; Letter notifyng Ken Shank of call}

April ??

8104??-????m Likely on April 18, Marty goes to Klamath Falls to hang with Boubede at the Arcadia Motel.

April 20

810420-????m (week of) 6th meeting with Reno therapist. Marty refused to discuss normal topics, instead veering conversation to "a real bitch" friend of Marilyn's that was to blame for Marilyn 'turning against him'. The therapist found Marty ro rage-filled for any real dialogue during the meeting. {part 2}

April 21

810421-1215m "Erin W. did not participate in her P.E. class, so she did her homework on the bleachers. She overheard Joey C. talking to an unidentified student. She didn't hear the entire conversation but she heard Joey say that Jesse and Bo were involved in the murders. It was insinuated in the conversation that it was strange that Jesse was in the arcade on the Saturday afternoon of the murders. The unidentified student asked Joey how he knew all this information. He replied that one of the young boys in the bedroom woke up and saw the murder. The boy was hypnotized and gave a statement re: Bo and Jesse. Erin could not identify Bo and Jesse and could offer no further info re: the conversation except that Tina had been sighted in Belden." {PCSO Report}

810421-1350m In interview w/ Crim @ PCSO, Marilyn states Bo is going by name Bobby Lake, and she's only known him 2 1/2 to 3 weeks [3 weeks being Mar 31, the day Marty and Bo came back from the VA mental ward]. Marty picked Bo up from Reno and brought him to live in cabin 26. Bo has talked about armed robberies and killing people. Bo said his little girl was raped and he killed the man that raped her. She asked Bo if that was why he was in prison. He said no, that the body was never found and never would be found. Marilyn was asked if Bo had ever met Sue Sharp. She said Bo met Sue on Wednesday (4-8-81) night, and as far as she knew Bo had never seen her again. She met Sue shortly after Sue moved to Keddie (November 1980). She said she and Sue were friends, occasionally had coffee together, and their kids were friends. She was asked if Marty knew Sue very well and how he felt about her. She said Marty didn't know Sue very well. She said that Marty hates all women, and he thinks they are sluts. She said Marty also hated Johnny Sharp and had threatened to break his hands because he thought Johnny was a punk. She said this happened in March. Marilyn said that in general her husband hated all teenagers. He used to call Ricky a pothead and Tina Sharp a whore. They were married May 14, 1979, but had lived together for two years before that. She said he was a cook in Vietnam, but she couldn't remember which branch of the service he was in. She said Marty spent four months in the "brigg," and it was something to do with the commander's daughter and drugs. She said Marty used to be a speed freak, and shot up. She said that he talks about weird things when he smokes pot. She said he had some "coke" when they were in Phoenix. Marilyn was asked if Marty was ever violent. She said that Marty told her he tried to kill someone in his family when he got out of Vietnam. While in Phoenix he threatened to blow up his father's house. He took some money and was going to buy some explosives, but he didn't buy them. She said he tried to run over her and her son, and in March or April of 1980 he pulled a knife and threatened to cut her. This part of the interview was concluded at 1425 hrs. {Crim interview w/ Marilyn 810421}

810421-1605m Interview w/ Marilyn. DOJ investigators Mike C. and Harry B and [unk PCSD]: The day after Boubede met Sue, he said he would like to get to know her better. Bo didn't talk about her anymore. Bo slept on the couch at their house. About a week before Sue died, Bo would get up during the night and wander outside. Bo never made physical advances toward Marilyn. Bo and Marty were in ward 4A [psychiatric] of VA hospital. Bo was taking medication for epilepsy. Bo didn't have a car, but he had a lot of clothing. Bo and Marty wore the same size clothes, and Bo gave Marty some of his clothes. Bo wore dentures, and needed reading glasses. Marty didn't need glasses. Right after Marty and Bo got together, they both started wearing sunglasses all the time, even the night they went to the Back Door Bar. They both have several pairs of glasses. When asked if she thought Marty and Bo could have [done the murders], she felt that they were involved, that she just had a feeling about it. Marty said Sue was a whore, and he doesn't like high school boys, especially Johnny. She said that in her mind she can see them approaching Sue, and maybe Dana and Johnny walking in. She said she heard from Justin (her son) that Johnny was tied up with tape. She said she had first aid tape and masking tape in her house.
Asked if Bo had any hiking boots, she couldn't remember any. She said Bo was interested in young girls. Asked to explain, she said Bo showed pictures of two girls about 18 years old. Bo said they were his wives. Bo told her he had been shot when he was running dope. She said that after Bo had been questioned by police [on 4/14], he told her what she should tell the police. She said she didn't see any blood in her house on Sunday, 4-12-81. She doesn't plan on returning to the house, although she has belongings in the house and the rent is paid to 5-1. She said nether Marty or Bo owned a gun. She added that Dee Jay Lake left his car at their house. Bo found an old .22 cal. rifle in the car and brought it into the house and placed it under the couch. Lake had asked for the rifle, but Marty told him he didn't know anything about it. A few days later, Dee's wife asked for the rifle and Marty gave it to her. Interview concluded at this time. {Crim-Bradley interview w/ Marilyn 810421}

April 22

810422-1400m Jose C., interviewed at Quincy High, says "Last week Richard Meeks and Mike H. said that Justin's father committed the murders and Bo (no further i.d.) was involved. They said Justin spent the night at the victims' house and was in the bedroom with the younger boys. Justin got up and witnessed the murders. The police hypnotized Justin and obtained a sketch of the responsibles. One was Justin's father. Also, Bo has Tina somewhere." {PCSO Report}

810422-????m "I was assigned to contact Dee Jay Lake at Indian Falls by AS/Shanks in that Lake's car was parked at Smartt's residence on 4-12-81. Also, Shanks had information Lake had a rifle that Smartt had given him. I contacted Lake at his residence on Indian Falls Road on 4-22-81. I also spoke with Lake's wife, Ramona. Lake told me that he was at Smartt's residence because days prior to the 12th Smartt's car wouldn't start due to a dead battery and Lake left him his car so he could use the battery. A few days later, Lake remembered that he had his rifle in the car and went to Smartt's residence to get it. Lake couldn't find the rifle in the car, so he asked Smartt where it was. Smartt said he didn't know anything about it. Two days later on the 10th, Smartt called Lake and told him he located the rifle in his house and that "Bo" had taken it out of the car and put it in the house without Smartt's knowledge. Lake went to Smartt's the next morning (4-11-81) and took the rifle back to his home in Indian Falls. I looked at the rifle, a 22 cal., and there was no broken or missing parts on it. They have known Smartt since last September and are good friends with him and his wife. They told me that they didn't feel Smartt would be involved but that he wouldn't tell anyone if he knew who did it. They said he is very close to what friends he has. I asked them about Bo and they said Smartt met him in the VA hospital in Reno when he was there for mental treatment during the week of March 13th, 1981. Around the 28th of March 1981, Bo came to Smartt's house to stay and they were planning on a sales campaign for a business and they had planned to go to Oregon. They both told me that they did not like Bo when they met him and purposely did not become friendly with him. They also felt that Bo could be capable of the homicide but had nothing to indicate that he did it." {PCSO Report}

April 23

810423-????m Marilyn filed for divorce from Marty. {4-29-81 edition of the Feather River Bulletin}

April 27

810427-????m "Joseph H. came into the office to talk to me. He said Smartt had called him at his residence. Smartt told Joseph that if Marilyn didn't go back to him by Friday he would start killing Marilyn's boyfriends, and people involved with her. Smartt said he would disappear if he hadn't heard from Marilyn by Friday and he night not show up for a year or two. Joseph said that he didn't feel Smartt was involved with drugs, although Smartt told him that he had a lot of speed and money. Joseph said that Smartt is staying at the Arcade Hotel in Klamath Falls, OR. Joseph met Smartt in some classes at the college. Joseph was not in town during the week of 4-11-81." {PCSO Report dated 810428}

810427-????m (week of) 7th meeting with Reno therapist. Marty matter-of-factly states he wants to "tell the truth about what's bothering [him]." He confesses: "I killed the woman and her daughter, but I didn't have anything to do with the [boys]". When asked for motive, Marty states he was convinced Sue was responsible for Marilyn wanting a divorce. He also says he killed Tina because "She saw the whole thing. I couldn't have a witness." While describing the murders, the therapist describes Marty with 'flat affect' while describing the murder of Sue, and slightly uneasy when describing the murder of Tina. When asked why Tina didn't run away, Marty indicated he'd incapacitated her. Therapist advised Marty he needs to turn himself in, and Marty just smiled. Asked again about the polygraph, Marty said "I beat it. Those things are easy to beat. I was lying, and they let me go!"

Therapist calls DOJ, asked for agents working the Keddie case (Bradley and Crim), told of the confession, and was told the partners would like to meet with him. {part 2}

810427-????m Marty calls Marilyn {according to text of letter Marty wrote Marilyn}

April 28

810428-????m Marty sends letter to Marilyn postmarked this date from Klamath Falls, stating "I've paid the price! I've given my flesh and blood for you." "You know that I love you more than my own kids"

810428-????m From PCSD report: "Joseph H. came into the office to talk to me. He said (Marty Smartt) had called him at his residence. (Marty Smartt) told Joseph that if Marilyn didn't go back to him by Friday he would start killing Marilyn's boyfriends, and people involved with her. (Marty Smartt) said he would disappear if he hadn't heard from Marilyn by Friday and he night not show up for a year or two. Joseph said that he didn't feel (Marty Smartt) was involved with drugs, although (Marty Smartt) told him that he had a lot of speed and money. Joseph said that (Marty Smartt) is staying at the Arcade Hotel in Klamath Falls, OR. Joseph met (Marty Smartt) in some classes at the college. Joseph was not in town during the week of 4-11-81."

810428-????m From PCSD report, Detectives Forcino and Stoy return to Keddie to dig up a depression in the small area behind cabin 26. Sgt. Shaver informed them of the suspicious depression. "Sgt. Shaver felt it was worth a look to see if anything was buried there". They concluded the disturbed ground was due to a repair to the septic system.

May 1981

8105??-????m Martin Smartt checked out of motel in Klamath Falls with a white female adult about 30 years old in a red van.

810504-????m (week of) Marty walks into therapist's office without appointment to say goodbye, he's got a job with a carnival working the Northern California valley, moving north through Oregon and Washington, and was leaving the area. Therapist assumed Marty meant Redding area. {part 2}

8105??-????m Marty leaves Klamath for Redding, CA. According to Det. Hooker of Eugene OR, filed by PCSD on 810716. No tracking of Marty after this point.

810511-0830a (Monday) therapist arrives at office, two DOJ agents (Bradley / Crim?) are waiting for him. He told of his entire interactions with Marty, the detailed confessions, carny job, etc. They took "copious notes" and the therapist said they "seemed excited" about the case moving forward and having someone to apprehend. He assumed that Marty was arrested, but never followed or heard more about the case until contacted by the Part Two team. {part 2}

810511-1820m Reno therapist's neighbor, who is himself a psychiatrist for Plumas-Lassen Mental Health, calls PCSO to report the Reno therapist confided that Marty confessed in a phone call from Klamath Falls, but the neighbor was seemed reluctant to report it, so he wanted someone to approach the Reno doctor. {PCSO Report}

810513-1425m Marilyn signs another Permission to Search form for cabin 26, which she had forfeited rights over at the beginning of May when her rent expired. Witnessed by Bradley and Thomas. {PCSO Report}

810515-????m Time unknown Wade Meeks is arrested for reckless driving. {8-26-81 court docket section of the Feather River Bulletin}

810515-????m "Agent Bradley and I were talking with James Seabolt at Keddie and he told us that he remembered having seen a WMA about 5'10 or 5'11, short dark hair, with Smartt. Seabolt said that he had seen this man a number of times at Cabin # 13 while F. Davis was still living there. The man seemed to be a friend of Davis as well as Smartt. Seabolt said the man drives an old green 1 1/2 ton Chevy truck with plywood sideboards and for the past year has been selling wood and hauling junk metal. Seabolt said he thought the man lived across the river near the swinging bridge. This man had been with Smartt in Keddie a few days before the murders. Seabolt said he has not seen the man very often since Davis moved out and has not seen him at all for the last two or three weeks." {PCSO Report}

810518-????m Stoy and Forcino dig up portion of Marty's back yard, in response to reports of recently disturbed earth. They conclude it is related to access/repairs done to a septic pipe.

810528-????m report: "I contacted Terry A. and talked with him about the information he supposedly had on the Keddie murders. Terry said that he knew POI and another guy who he did not know had killed the people at Keddie. I asked him how he knew they were the ones responsible and he said they had to be because they were Vietnam vets and were always talking about killing someone. I told Terry that I had heard that he was telling people around town how the killings had been done and that he had said it was because of a big dope deal and someone was at the wrong place. I asked Terry where he was getting his information and he started getting evasive and said he could not tell me now. I asked him if he had ever told anyone that a guy named Ted had been talking in his sleep. Terry said he did not remember and I got the feeling that he was not telling me everything. Terry did say that Pat and Joe A who manage the Meadow Valley Inn knew some things and they were not talking because they were scared. Terry also said that a guy by the name of Gary E. knew something. Gary is supposed to be camped somewhere in the Meadow Valley area and drives a white international stepside. Terry said that he overheard Pat and Joe talking on the phone on a few occasions and something was said about the middle fork of the Feather River and he thinks they two guys who had done the killing may be hiding out down there. Terry also had heard Oregon mentioned in phone conversations. Terry said that Pat and Joe had photographs of the two men. I am very unsure of Terry and how much he can be believed." {PCSO Report}

810529-0338m Terry A. reported being shot at while hitchhiking on Meadow Valley Road. I have asked Terry to take a polygraph examination and he has agreed, although somewhat reluctantly. {PCSO Report}

810529-????b Michael B. said that the composites looked like Martin S. for one and the one other like John S. or Wade Dale M. Both attend FRC and were strange individuals. Reported to Forcino on 5/29/81.

June 1981

8106??-????m An article in the Feather River Bulletin, “Murder case labeled ‘frustrating’", Sheriff Doug Thomas states “We’ve looked at a couple of people as possible suspects but through further investigation, they’ve been cleared. One possible suspect was a man who disappeared from Keddie shortly after the slaying and turned up in Oregon. But we gave him a polygraph (lie detector test) and he passed it. He had gone to Oregon for employment.” {Feather River Bulletin}

81????-????m Undated note by anonymous student to Quincy High counselor: "Dear Miss R., I was told who did it. And said he was having family problems, and the creditors where after him. They also said they hipmintized this boy and he say everything. He said it was [Marty Smartt]. They said he was having affair with Mrs. Sharp. Mr. Smartt likes to see people being killed and also like to kill dogs and cats.
by Anonymity
PS. They said that he is in Oregon."

July 1981

8106??-1230m Eugene, OR, Detective Hooker notifies PCSO that, after leaving Klamath Falls, Marty Smartt went to Redding CA. Whereabouts thereafter unkown. These activities took place weeks prior, but this is evidently when PCSO found enough interest to follow up with Hooker to find out. {PCSO Report dated 7.21.81}

August 1981

810812-????m Marilyn reports to PCSO that Ramona Lake received a letter from Marty stating Boubede was dead. {PCSO Report}

810812-????a Ramona, Dee Lake’s wife, receives a card from Marty saying John Boubede was dead. Marty said he was in Walla Walla selling tickets for a circus.

810814-0710m "On 8-12 and 8-13 I made unsuccessful attempts to contact Romona. At 0710 hrs on 8-14-81 I contacted her by phone and asked about the letter from Smartt. She said it had been a card and on the envelope he had written, "Tell Marilyn Bo is dead." I asked if she still had the card and envelope and she does not think so, but will look. I asked if she remembers where it was mailed from and she thinks from Vancouver, WA. I asked when she had gotten it and she said around the first part of June. I asked if she had since heard from Smartt and she said he had phoned sometime around when school was over for the summer asking what people knew about the 187. At that time he was in Walla Walla selling tickets in a circus or something. Romona said she is currently working a booth at the Fair and for me to contact her there later after she has had a little time to think about the thing as she may recall something else." {quote from PCSO file}

810814-1400m "I contacted Romona L. at the concession stand at the Fair. She said she has not had time to look for the envelope with the address where Smartt could be contacted. I asked her how well she knew Bo and she said she had met him once and took an instant dislike to him. I asked her about Bo using the name "Bobby Lake" and she acted genuinely surprized [sic] and upset about it. Romona again said she was sure Smartt had mailed the card/letter from Vancouver. She explained the card as being one that is written on, folded, and mailed. " {quote from PCSO file}

810828-????m Ramona Lake brings envelope to PCSO sent by Marty, with return address, "Marty, Chenault Enterprises, Milton-Freewater OR 97862

Sept 24 1981

810924-????m Crim and Bradley return to PCSO offices to interview Joel Walker Lipsey, Tina's Special Ed. teacher{PCSO Report}


8305??-????m Sometime during summer of 1983, or 1984, Marty is hired as the "Town Crier", to dress up and walk the streets of Chico, spreading the word of the annual Chico Pioneer Days celebration. Pioneer Day is the first Saturday in May, so it would have been in the days leading upt to- and perhaps including- that event.

83????-????m Marty has a Grass Valley address, near Chico / Oroville / CAMP EIGHTEEN


840608-????m Another search of Camp Eighteen finds Tina's mandible "and other evidence" {PCSO Report}

840619-????m Crim notified that Dr Sperber made positive ID on Tina from mandible. Crim tried notifying Sharps but was unsure if contact details were accurate. Other evidence found by Crim / BCSO with the mandible is bagged to send to DOJ lab in Redding. {PCSO Report}

840619-????m PCSO advised by DOJ SA Crim of discovery of skull on 4-22-84 (sic) {PCSO Report}

840620-0900m Sheila Sharp notified by Crim by phone of Tina's discovery and identtification. {PCSO Report}

840620-????m Deputy R. Day assigned to contact the Fish and Game Dept. to obtain location of deer kills in the Feather Falls area by hunters in the years 1974 through 1981. Purpose is to obtain a list of persons who would be familiar with that area from a prior visit. The area where Tina was found was a site called "Camp 18" which is a remote deer hunting area several miles above (North) of Feather Falls. USFS map coordinates are R7E, T21N, sec 35. {PCSO Report}

840620-????m Marilyn L. (previously Marilyn S.) contacted me [unk officer] to confirm what she had heard on the radio about Tina being found in Butte County. I advised her it was true. We discussed her ex-husband [Marty]. She told me that he went to Reno the day after the homicides, or at least that is what he told her. She said she can't confirm that he actually went to Reno, but he did go somewhere. I asked her about her son Justin and she told me that he has had some serious mental problems and was consequently delivered to her [other] ex-husband in Montana. He has started to discuss the Keddie incident on occasion but stops abruptly and will not talk further. I asked her if Marty had any connections (deer hunting, fishing, etc) with Feather Falls or that area and she stated none that she knows of. She added, however, that he does fish a lot and spends a lot of time in the woods but not around that area. Marilyn was very upset emotionally, evident by crying. She asked me if we found any other evidence in the area around Feather Falls that would implicate a suspect. I advised her we hadn't. No additional information from her at this time. {PCSO Report}

840621-1030m I left via helicopter to Feather Falls. On arrival I met with an investigative team supervised by Det. Sgt. Steve Wright. The team consisted of Sgt. Wright, DOJ Crim, Sgt. Young, Deputy Carillo, and Deputy Combs. We went to the actual location of where the body was found which is Camp 18 on the Feather Falls/LaPorte road approximately five miles north of Feather Falls. I found the location to be approximately 100 yards from the Camp 18 turn out. DOJ SA/Crim pointed out the exact location in that he was there on the original search by the BCSO. We searched the area for any evidence that is missing or could be connected to this case. Sgt. Wright located an empty medical tape dispenser and a portion of a pair of Levis in the area. Sgt. Young located a decomposed blue nylon coat that was buried near the road in the camp. With the aid of the helicopter, I took several photos of the area. {PCSO Report}


87????-????m Marty has another period of psychiatric hospitalization


921124-????m VA psychiatrist writes, “his dysfunctional family background certainly was a risk factor for him developing PTSD as the chaos and abuse in his childhood was severe. Thus he started life with very little foundation for trust and ability to bond, and his Vietnam experience compounded this.”


9403??-????m Marty falsely applies for SSI benefits, claiming PTSD- the same PTSD which was debunked by the therapist he confessed to in Reno.

940407-????m Gary Sacks, Ph.D. writes the Marty has claimed he spent “the majority of the past 20 years avoiding other people. He has lived for months on end ‘in the woods.’ He has not had difficulty being hired for jobs but, due to interpersonal difficulties and explosiveness, has been fired frequently after arguing tithcoworkers and supervisors.”

940811-????m DDS denied Marty’s SSI claim stating 'Your medical records show that you have a history of being treated for [PTSD]. You still have difficulty with this condmon. You have difficulty getting along with others. However, you are able to take care of your own daily needs and you can think and act in your own interest.'

941010-????m Marty again applies for SSD benefits.

941013-????m Postmarked rejection of Marty's claim for SSD.

941019-????m SSD again rejected on the basis Marty, on the date he was last insured for Social Security benefits (June 30, 1987) was capable of doing a “wide range of work activity that would not involve public contact.”


000526-????m Marty dies in Portland purportedly of cancer, possibly AIDS-related, supposedly cremated. Spencer claims Marty died of Agent Orange exposure, but Marty was NEVER in harm's way during the soft duty he pulled south of Saigon.

000612-????m Obit printed in Oregonian newspaper.


06????-????m Ed Cates, co-author of unfinished book/screenplay with witness Juston Eason, states Justin had hypnosis session this year in which Justin named Marty and Bo as the murderers. He also states he saw Bo over one of the bodies. {Part 2}


1080??-????m Sometime after therapist is interviewed about Marty's confession for Part Two, PCSO has full interview with same therapist concerning the confessions. {Part 2}

Other places Marty has lived, with activities not yet known:

Portland, OR
Fairview, OR
Corvallis, OR
Oakridge, OR
Chehalis, WA
Cathlamet, WA
Salkum, WA