Chronological Series of Events
as Taken from Investigation Files

Timeline "Z"


7?????-????z Marty was a cook in Viet Nam. He spent four months in the "brigg," something to do with the commander's daughter and drugs. (1du) <Marilyn Smartt to Crim/???>

7?????-????z Marty used to be a speed freak, and shot up. He talks about weird things when he smokes pot. He had some "coke" when they were in Phoenix. Marty tried to kill his brother when he got out of Vietnam. While in Phoenix he threatened to blow up his father's house. He took some money and was going to buy some explosives, but didn't. (1du) <Marilyn Smartt to Crim/???>


7909??-????z Sue and family move to Quincy, CA, from CT., and live in the Claremont Trailer Park [by Gansner Field]. (1db) <D Davis to Shaver>

7911??-????z James Sharp comes from CT to visit Sue and the kids. (1db) <D Davis to Shaver>

7912??-????z (approx) Marty Smartt and Marilyn hook up. (1dm) <Joan Andrews to SCSO Jarrett>

7912??-????z (approx) Marilyn Smartt moves from Portland OR to Burney CA. (1dm) <Joan Andrews to SCSO Jarrett>


8001??-????z (approx) Marty Smartt joins Marilyn Smartt with two of her kids, Lori and Casey, in Burney CA. Marilyn's step-aunt, Joan Andrews, co-signs on a loan to purchase a red Pinto station wagon. Marilyn told Joan that during their last visit to Martin's father in Phoenix, Martin got into an argument with his father, and “went out and purchased items to make a bomb, to blow up his father's house.” Martin “practiced throwing a hatchet quite a bit”, and attempted to buy guns from Joan. Martin drinks a lot and smokes marijuana but, to Joan's knowledge, is not on any other narcotics. Martin “spent a considerable amount of time reading the bible and was fanatical about other people’s morals.” He had no church affiliation because he felt all churches were “wicked”. (1dm) <Joan Andrews to SCSO Jarrett>

8003??-????z Marty once tried to run over Marilyn and her son, and in March or April of 1980 he pulled a knife and threatened to cut her. (1du) <Marilyn Smartt to Crim/???>

8007??-????z The Smartts move into cabin 26, Keddie. (1dh) <Martin Smartt to Thomas>

800701-????z Daniel Workman French (b. 9/13/25) is arrested on 'Lewd & Lascivious' charges for molesting Tina Sharp (11) and Victim X (7). Tina was living with her family nearby at #10 1/2 Claremont Trailer Park, and the other victim lived at #X Downtown Trailer Park, and the molestation occurred in Workman's trailer at #8 Downtown Trailer Park. (0ga) <Leiber, Shanks, Day>

800701-????z The Smartts move into cabin 26, Keddie. (1dh) <Marilyn Smartt to Thomas>

800706-????z PCSO Day's attempts to contact the victims & parents for further information prior to submitting report to DA fail. He eventually reaches Sue, who says Tina is at the other victims' trailer; nobody is home. (0gb) <Day>

800707-????z PCSO Day gets further details from victims Tina and Victim X. After some discussion, he's informed they are uncomfortable talking to a man, so he arranges for them to be tape-interviewed by clerk Helen Dotson. The victims are taken to PCSO offices and interviewed. (0gc) <Day>

800717-????z DA is told French may be willing to take a polygraph test. PCSO Day informs Victim X's mother that Victim X's interview "did not come out on tape". Victim X refused to do another interview. Day states in report that Victim X is "a very opinionated 8 year old". (0gd) <Day>

8009??-????z Dee Lake meets Martin Smartt at Feather River College through the Veteran's Program for post-war stress care for Vietnam veterans. Lake assists veterans in that program. The Lakes become good friends with Marty and his wife. (1dw) <Lakes to Brubaker/Leonard>

8109??-????z Trisha D. Pettis dated Dana for about two weeks in September, but didn't know if he was involved with drugs. She never knew Dana to get into fights .She said Phillip didn't like Dana because Dana was dating her. (1ep) <Trisha Davis and Joey Carvalho to unk LE>

801100-????z Sharps move from Claremont Trailer Park to Cabin 28, Keddie. (1db) <D Davis to Shaver>

8011??-????z Marilyn Smartt meets Sue Sharp shortly after the Sharps move to Keddie. (1du) <Marilyn Smartt to Crim/???>


8102??-????z Sheila had a baby and gave it up for adoption in OR. The father was Rich Meeks, and Rich could be found around the arcade in EQ. (1db) <D Davis to Shaver>


8103??-????z (approx) Joan Andrews calls Marilyn Smartt to discuss payments on the red Pinto, which the bank had asked months prior for Joan to make payments on since the Smartts weren't. Marilyn said Martin was in a mental institution. (1dm) <Joan Andrews to SCSO Jarrett>

8103??-????z Marty Smartt hated Johnny Sharp and threatened to break his hands because he thought Johnny was a punk. In general, Marty hated all teenagers and called Ricky a pothead and Tina a whore. (1du) <Marilyn Smartt to Crim/???>

810307-????z (approx date) Joe Baze meets Sue at Pioneer Bowling Alley and he invited her over to his place and she invited him to dinner at her place the next night. That was the only two times he had been with her, but had talked to her on the phone several times. He asked Sue to marry him the first time he met her. He had been married 3 times, his divorce was to be final at the end of April, and he had been looking for a wife for quite a while. (1dp) <Joe Baze to Brubaker>

810313-????z Johnny runs away from home. Where he went and how long he was gone is not indicated. PCSO determined it was not related to the murders. (1ea) <???>

810313-????z (week of) Martin Smartt meets Bo Boubede in the VA hospital in Reno when he was there for mental treatment during the week of March 13th. (1dw) <Lakes to Brubaker/Leonard>

810328-????z Around the 28th, Bo came to Martin Smartt's house to stay. They were planning on a sales campaign for a business and they had planned to go to Oregon. (1dw) <Lakes to Brubaker/Leonard>


810402-????z Philip Shearer attempts to rape victim in Green Valley. Felony forcible rape charge pending. (1ea) <???>

810403-1630z Robert Wilkinson and the Dishmans are at Dareyl Givens Josephson's (age 33) RR trailer. Mr. Dishman suggested fixing Dareyl up with a date with Sue. He called Sue, she came to the trailer, and was introduced to both Dareyl and Wilkinson. He believes they went out that night, and had been dating ever since. (1db) <Wilkinson to Shaver>

810403-1630z Dareyl Josephson meets Sue at his trailer, and took her to the Back Door for a few drinks, then went back to his trailer. Sue left about 0230 the following morning. His trailer is on RR property by Wilkinson's. Dishman introduced him to Sue. He saw her again through the following week. (1db) <Josephson to Shaver>

81040?-????z About a week before Sue died, Bo would get up during the night and wander outside. (1du) <Marilyn Smartt to Crim/Bradley/???>

81040?-????z About a week before the murders, Johnny had a black eye from fighting. ((1em)) <DOJ to FBI>

810407-????z (morning) Tom Curnow sees 2 UNSUBS, WMA, who resemble composites, near Gray's Flower Garden, walking along 70 towards Quincy. (1eq) <Curnow to unk PCSO & Thomas>

810407-????z (afternoon) Tom Curnow sees same 2 UNSUBS near the phone booths at the Chevron, talking to a fat girl who he thinks lives at Downtown Trailer Park & hangs with Marlboro [F Marlbrough]. One Westlake boys was across the street at Exxon, yelling something at the UNSUBs or the girl. Curnow was almost certain Dana Wingate was with the fat girl. He said Dana was a friend of hers and was seen with her much of the time. He remembers seeing UNSUBs at Peoples Park in Quincy during the week and the ice cream people were there. (1eq) <Curnow to unk PCSO & Thomas>

810407-????z Marty calls unk. saying “if he didn't get things straightened out, he might kill someone.” (supposedly unk if Sat 4/7/81 or 4/11/81) (1df)

810408-????z Lake remembered that he had his rifle in his car and went to Martin Smartt's residence to get it before some kids found it or it got stolen. Lake couldn't find the rifle in the car, so he asked Martin Smartt where it was. Martin Smartt said he didn't know anything about it. (1dw) <Lakes to Brubaker/Leonard>

810408-1630z Bo met Sue on Wednesday night, and as far as Marilyn knew, Bo had never seen her again.. (1du) <Marilyn Smartt to Crim/???>

810409-????z Curnow saw UNSUBs at FRC softball field, and they were asking for blow. They were in a white possible older Ford sedan. Sandy [Foster] was with them and also Kambria [Cambria Cook]. Sandy is O.D. W's new stepdaughter. UNSUBs were not seen again after the murders. He thought he heard they had gone toward L.A. and Sandy was with them. Curnow asked to be hypnotized. (1eq) <Curnow to unk PCSO & Thomas>

810409-????z Bo said he would like to get to know Sue better. Bo didn't talk about her with Marilyn anymore. (1du) <Marilyn Smartt to Crim/Bradley/???>

810409-????z Sue cooks a meal for Dareyl Josephson at his trailer, then they have drinks. Sue left in the following early morning hours. (1db) <Josephson to Shaver>

810409-1700z Dareyl Josephson leaves Keddie for his residence in Paradise and to visit his family. (1db) <Josephson to Shaver>

810410-????z Martin Smartt called Lake and told him he located the rifle in his house and that "Bo" had taken it out of the car and put it in the house without Martin Smartt's knowledge. (1dw) <Lakes to Brubaker/Leonard>

April 11

810411-0300z Curnow was at Gray's Flower Garden, and saw a male subject on the road leading toward the Courthouse Annex which runs close to Gray's. The UNSUB was acting strange as if intoxicated or high, and walked into the fence a couple of times as if he could not understand it was there. UNSUB finally walked away and Curnow heard metal dragging on the road. Curnow later got the feeling it was one of the two subjects he had seen the prior week. Curnow heard voices when UNSUB got near the bus stop. Then a car pulled into Courthouse Annex road, turned, and left. Thomas could not see what kind of car. (1eq) <Curnow to unk PCSO & Thomas>

810411-????z Lake went to Martin Smartt's in the morning and took the rifle back to his home in Indian Falls. (1dw) <Lakes to Brubaker/Leonard>

810411-????z Neither Marty or Bo owned a gun but Dee Jay Lake left his car at their house. Bo found an old .22 cal. rifle in the car and placed it under the couch in cabin 26. Lake had asked for the rifle, but Marty told him he didn't know anything about it. A few days later, Dee's wife asked for the rifle and Marty gave it to her. (1du) <Marilyn Smartt to Crim/???>

810411-????z Dareyl Josephson attends a Clamper meeting. (1db) <Josephson to Shaver>

810411-????z Marty calls unk. saying “if he didn't get things straightened out, he might kill someone.” (supposedly unk if Sat 4/7/81 or 4/11/81) (1df)

810411-1200z (Approx) Dana and Johnny visit to John Baze at Browns Trailer Park between noon and 3pm and had left around 3pm. They were going to the foster home and then to Keddie. (1dp) <Brubaker>

810411-1545z Joe Baze leaves E Quincy to take his kids to his sister's, Irma T., in Standish, and then to his girlfriend's, Helen Johnson, in Susanville. They went to a Pioneer Bar and closed that down. (1dp) <Joe Baze to Brubaker>

810411-1800z Margaret & Wilfred Finke go to dinner at the Keddie Rest . Margaret goes to the restroom and a male came up the stairs, and when he saw her turned back down the stairway. He appeared very nervous, but not drunk. Her husband said the man came back up the stairs and walked nervously back and forth, and finally went back downstairs. She doesn't know whether he went outside or into the bar, as she has never been down stairs. He had a neatly trimmed mustache, about 5'6-5'8", a dress-type hat, tan; a blue jacket; and tan trousers. In his 40s, bleary eyed, but not drunk--only acting very nervous. .(1dy) <Finkes to Forcino/???>

810411-1900z (approx) Sheila Sharp has permission from Sue to stay over at the Seabolts, and arrives at cabin 27. (1db) <Z Seabolt to Shaver>

810411-2000z (approx) Thomas Schmidt, 23, (cabin 14) and his family return home. He looks at Cabin 28 and sees a female doing dishes in the kitchen. (1db) <T Schmidt to Shaver>

810411-????z Anon citizen heard rumors about a[n acid] party at Keddie five doors south of the store but no confirmation. Citizen told me that if a party had taken place in Meadow Valley, it would probably be at Roger Stratton's residence. (1ek) <unk to PCSO ???>

810411-2100z Phillip Shearer is at FRC, in a fairly intoxicated state. About 2100 hrs Wade Meeks gave him a ride to the Methodist Church. After being there for an undetermined time, he decided to go to the Exxon Mini-Mart. While at Exxon he met up with Johnny and Dana. They were getting a ride from three people in a pick-up. The pick-up was described as between a 1954 and 1957 Chev., dark green with something similar to a roll bar in the back. He said one of the men was named Marty Smartt, and lived at the end of the road in Keddie. He owns a small red station wagon (this matches the description of Marty Smartt). Phillip did not know the other two men. After arriving in Keddie, Phillip said that while looking through a window of the Sharp residence he saw Johnny get his throat cut, Dana get hit over the head with a hammer, and Sue being choaked [sic]. Phillip said that at one point he ran to the Keddie Back Door Bar where he saw a man that was locking up the bar. He tried to tell the man what was happening. The man got into a blue car that looked like a Mercedes, and drove away. Phillip returned to the Sharp residence to try to help Tina. At one time he was hiding under the house and he scratched the license number from the pick-up onto the hot water heater. Phillip told of a long fight that ended up at Gansner Airport, where he got away. The three men still had Tina. (1ed) <Shearer to ???>

810411-2200z (approx 1900-1930) Sheila goes to stay the night at 27. At home are Sue, Richard, Greg, Tina, and Justin Smartt. Sue told Sheila that John would be home later, bringing Dana to spend the night. (1db) <Sheila to Shaver>

810411-2200z (approx) Tina Sharp goes home from cabin 27 because Sue did not grant permission for her to stay the night. (1db) <Z Seabolt to Shaver>

810411-2200z (approx) Tina Sharp goes home from cabin 27 because Sue did not grant permission for her to stay the night. (1db) <Sheila to Shaver>

810411-2200z (approx) Tina Sharp goes home from cabin 27 because Sue did not grant permission for her to stay the night. (1db) <J Seabolt Jr to Shaver>

810411-????z Martin Smartt, his friend, Bo, and wife, Marilyn, go to the Back Door Bar. Bo and Marty got all dressed up, Bo wearing a light grey three-piece suit and Marty a dark green three-piece suit. Bo and Marty were looking for a girl for Bo. They kept watching all the girls that came in. All three were sitting at a table in the dance floor area of the bar. Marty got up from the table and walked into the front part of the bar. Marilyn didn't see him for 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour. (1du) <Marilyn Smartt to Crim/Bradley/???>

810411-????z Martin Smartt, his friend, Bo, and wife, Marilyn, go to the Back Door Bar. Later, they walked Marilyn home, and returned to the bar after changing clothes, and Marilyn fell asleep so she doesn't know what time they returned home. (1ds) <Wade Meeks to PCSO>

810411-????z Carl Selby said that Pete Tolen had learned from his daughter Kathy [Cathline Campbell Scalf] that a 17-year-old boy had picked up Johnny and Dana, unknown where, and took them to Keddie the night they were murdered. Very sketchy info is that the 17-year-old, only known by the last name of Joy or Joey [Joey Carvalho?], had either seen a fight between Johnny and Dana and two Indian males from the Greenville area or had been told about it. The Indian guys had supposedly said if they did not get what they wanted, they would kill Johnny and his family. (1ef) <Selby to PCSO ???>

810411-????z According to Cathy Scalf W/F, 14 years old, her friend Joey, last name unk [Carvalho?], picked up Johnny and Dana the evening of April 11. Joey said he was driving his car in E Quincy & picked up Johnny and Dana, hitchhiking, and let them off at the entrance to Keddie. When he found out about the murders, he was afraid that the police would somehow implicate him, which is why he never contacted PCSO. (1en) <Tolen to unk PCSO>

810411-2200z (approx) Richard, Greg, Justin all go to bed. Sue is still lying on the couch, and she's said that John was bringing Dana to stay the night. Tina went to bed at the same time. He doesn't wake up until someone bangs on his window. (1db) <Rick Sharp to Shaver>

810411-2200z (approx) Justin goes to sleep at the Sharps' house. Sue is on the couch watching TV, and all the kids- Richard, Greg, and Tina- went to bed at about 2200 hrs. He was not disturbed at all during the night, and woke up to someone banging on the window of the bedroom. (1db) <Justin Smartt to Shaver>

810411-2200z (approx) Tina Sharp goes home from cabin 27. James Seabolt Sr. hears nothing unusual during the night. (1db) <J Seabolt Sr to Shaver>

April 12

810412-0030z (approx 0030-0100) Bo got mad because they changed the type of music that was being played. Bo wanted to leave, so Marilyn and Bo walked into the front part of the bar. Marty was standing at the bar. Marty asked if they wanted a drink. Marilyn said no, she just wanted to go home. All three walked back to their residence. When they got home a war movie was just coming on TV. Bo and Marty were bitching about Jan Albin changing the music. Marty called Jack B [Brown?], the bartender, and complained about it. Marty wanted to go back to the bar. Bo said wait a few minutes, as he was too mad about the music, and wanted to calm down. Bo and Marty went back to the bar about fifteen minutes after the war movie started. (1du) <Marilyn Smartt to Crim/Bradley/???>

810412-0100z (approx 0100-0130) Karl Spang arrives home, according to his mother, who waited up for him. She noticed nothing unusual about him. He told her he was coming home from Quincy when he noticed a black or dark-colored LTD or similar car that had San Rafael on the license bracket along the side of the road (Hwy 70) between Keddie and the Greenville "Y." The vehicle had a flat tire so Karl stopped to help them. Two people were inside and they well-dressed so he changed the tire as he was dressed in his "grubbies." She said he thought it was unusual that those people were dressed the way they were happened to be at that location with a flat tire. He didn't mention a party in Meadow Valley.(1ec) <Spang to ???>

810412-0200z (approx) Thomas Schmidt goes to bed. He heard nothing unusual in the area. (1db) <T Schmidt to Shaver>

810412-0200z Joe Baze & girlfiend Helen Johnson close down Pioneer Bar and stay the night at her home in Susanville. (1dp) <Joe Baze to Brubaker>

810412-0800z (approx) Sheila goes home from staying the night at 27 to change clothes to go to church. After seeing the bodies, she ran back to the Seabolt's, and they went to the Albins and had them call the PCSO; someone also notified Don Davis. (1db) <Z Seabolt to Shaver>

810412-0800z (approx) Sheila goes home from staying the night at 27, but then ran back, “screaming that someone in there was dead” and describing the blood and knife.. (1db) <Z Seabolt to Shaver>

810412-0800z (approx) Sheila goes home from staying the night at 27 to change clothes to go to church. She enters through the unlocked front door, and sees three bodies. She did not ID the bodies but noted two were bound and mentioned the knife on the floor. She ran back to 27, and someone called the S/O. She then went back to 28 w/ Seabolts, looked in and saw through the window that the 3 boys still sleeping. She saw nobody through the girls bedroom window, so they banged on the boys' window, raised the window, and removed the boys. She doesn't know if anyone went into the house. (1db) <Sheila to Shaver>

810412-0800z (approx) Sheila goes home from staying the night at 27 but “came running back that someone in there is dead”. She described the blood and knife. He and his mom and Sheila went back to 28, saw the boys through the window, but nobody through the girls' window. After helping remove the boys through the window, he went entered the cabin through the rear porch door, which was ajar. After checking the whole cabin for others, all he saw were the bodies, so he left through the back door, closing it behind him. (1db) <J Seabolt Jr to Shaver>

810412-????z Marty and Bo are home when Marilyn awakes. the next morning. (1ds) <Wade Meeks to PCSO>

810412-????z Marty was in bed with Marilyn and Bo was asleep on the couch, but Marilyn didn't know what time they got home. Bo usually hung his coat in the bathroom, but it wasn't there. Marty said the coat was on the couch. Marilyn checked and the coat was not on the couch. Marilyn said she has not seen Marty's green suit since that Saturday night. (1du) <Marilyn Smartt to Crim/Bradley/???>

810412-0825z PCSO J Shaver arrives in Keddie. Dep Klement has already done a preliminary search of the cabin and is standing in front of 28 with a group of people. He and Klement enter through the front door, look at the bodies, then Shaver calls the S/O and requests the Sheriff be dispatched. Shaver assigns Klement to watch the scene, and he begins interviewing witnesses/residents. (1db) <Shaver>

810412-0830z Don Stoy is called at home by dispatcher Osborne and sent to Keddie for a “triple homicide at cabin #25”. (1dk) <Stoy>

810412-0845z Don Davis arrives at 28 and talks with Shaver, saying he'd been notified by a member of the family. <D Davis to Shaver>

810412-0900z Among items taken into evidence: Yellow cotton blanket and white/flower print sheet covering Sue; Front door knob, with blood on outside knob; Box of plastic baggies found in living room; 11 samples of blood from living room carpet; bracket and rear site adjuster ramp from air gun found on floor near Sue; Tape on floor near Sue; Sue's purse, found on floor by her side of the couch; Four fingerprints lifted from top of TV (these entries later scratched out); Airgun pellet on floor between Johnny's and Dana's heads; Bloody note paper from table by Sue's side of couch; short piece of hair found near Sue's feet; John's wallet, found behind couch; 5 chunks of LR wall, all with blood splatter, two with knife marks; Bloody door knob from outside rear door; Ashtray with fingerprint found on floor between kitchen stove and sink; saw from rear porch, with fingerprint; Blood on door from boys' bedroom door; Five fingerprints lifted from public phone booth by lodge; Two bloody tissues, red Swiss army knife, bloody cardboard box, twisted and bloody toilet tissue, all found in garbage bin by Gen Store. 100 pieces of evidence taken into custody listed on report. (1da)

810412-0915z PCSO Shaver speaks with Z Seabolt, 39. (1db) <Shaver>

810412-0930z PCSO Shaver speaks with Jamie Seabolt, 15. (James Jr.) (1db) <Shaver>

810412-0930z Don Stoy arrives in Keddie, meeting with Shanks, Shaver, and Klement. Shaver and Klement brief Stoy and Shanks. Klement was inside 28 upon the arrival of Shanks/Stoy, and came out to advise them that there were three bodies in the living room “and that one 12 year old daughter Tina was missing”. After the briefing, Shanks and Stoy photographed the outside of the cabin before entering it (photos A, B, C, & D). Shanks, Stoy, and Klement then entered the cabin, continuing to photograph as they went. When they reached Sue, they uncovered her. They then conducted another search of the entire residence for other victims/people, finding none. Stoy and Klement then began taking more evidence photographs, as Stoy collected and recorded evidence. Listed as weapons in the report were the bent steak knife (on the floor by John Sharp) and a butcher knife and claw hammer on the table by the entryway to the kitchen, “also blood covered”. “Anderson Mortuary then responded at our request and, along with Det Forcino, took possession of the three victims. After the victims were removed, we continued a search f the residence for further evidence. The search continued both inside and outside the residence for the following six days” At some unnamed point, the DOJ was called in to assist and DOJ fingerprint expert Spiro Vasos assisted with fingerprints. “All possible surfaces attached to the residence were dusted for prints” and ninhydrin was applied to “wallpaper portions of the walls with negative results. Other printable items seized inside the house have been turned over to DOJ prints experts.” DOJ evidence expert Bruce Palmer assisted in the collection of evidence, and evidence regarding ID and blood were turned over to him. The rear door was secured with lock and nails, and security guards posted outside, any time investigators were not present. (1dk) <Stoy>

810412-0930z PCSO Forcino and Brubaker are contacted at Antelope Lake by Dty Thrall and head to Keddie. Forcino does not mention when they arrived in Keddie, but it's roughly a one hour drive. (1do) <Forcino>

810412-1000z PCSO Shaver speaks with Richard Sharp. (1db) <Shaver>

810412-1000z Joe Baze returns from Susanville to his sister's home in Standish (1dp) <Joe Baze to Brubaker>

810412-1015z PCSO Shaver speaks with Justin DeWayne Smartt,12. (1db) <Shaver>

810412-1015z PCSO Shaver speaks with Thomas Camaron Schmidt, 23, Cabin 14. (1db) <Shaver>

810412-????z Jan Stites went to the Methodist Church on Church St. A group of women told her they found Phillip Shearer sleeping in the high school room. Jan went to there and found pillows or cushions had been fashioned into a bed. She could smell Phillip's body odor. She also found his possessions and a half can of beer. (1dc) <???>

810412-0930z (approximately) PCSO Forcino and Brubaker arrive in Keddie from Antelope Lake. They are briefed by Shaver, Shanks, and Klement, then enter the cabin. They stayed for a short time, then went to Quincy to retrieve another camera & investigation kit. Upon their return to Cabin 28, Forcino assisted in taking photographs for a while, then A/S Shanks and Sheriff Thomas had him transport the bodies to the coroner's office in Sacramento, which he did. Upon arrival, he removed the bodies from the body bags and tagged them. (1do) <Forcino>

810412-1100z (1100-1130) Dareyl Josephson arrives in Keddie from Paradise, noticing all the police cars as he drove by. (1db) <Josephson to Shaver>

810412-1200z PCSO Shaver speaks with J Seabolt Sr, 43. He was returning with a load of wood. (1db) <Shaver>

810412-1200z (approx) Joel Helms was working at Sierra Center Liquor Store around noon and saw a young Indian male in front of the store naming those killed, some 2-3 hours before he heard anything about it on the radio, and thought it strange. The subject was ID'd later as Phillip Shearer, when I contacted the store owner, Keith Nicoles. (1dd) <Joel Helms to ???>

810412-1215z PCSO Shaver speaks with Robert L. Wilkinson, 42. He lives in a mobile home approx. 1 block NE of 28(1db) <Shaver>

810412-1245z PCSO Shaver speaks with Dareyl Josephson, who asks what happened at Cabin 28. Shaver said some people had been killed and it was possible Sue was a victim. He asked what they were shot with, then said “wait a minute, I want to check my gun and see if it's still here” After a few minutes, he came back out of his trailer, saying the gun was still there.(1db) <Shaver>

810412-????z After learning from Stoy that gun parts were found at the scene, PCSO Shaver and Brubaker returned to Dareyl's trailer, asking to see his gun. It was undamaged. He also said he owns two rifles, but they are at home in Paradise (1db) <Shaver>

810412-????z Donna Williams calls Pat Dorris about the murders in Keddie, saying Sheila Sharp had told Donna about them. Shortly after the murders, Clyde Smith went downtown and found out there had been an acid party on Saturday night 4-11-81 in Meadow Valley. He was unable to find out where.(1ee) <P Dorris to Crim>

810412-????z (afternoon) Shaver obtains a list of all vehicles parked in Keddie. Tts (traffic tickets?) for registration info was also obtained (1db) <Shaver>

810412-????z (afternoon) Mae Dellera (80) of Sierraville thinks she saw a girl matching Tina's description walking with a man in Sierraville. She saw Tina's picture in the Sac Bee on Sunday (4/14) and reported it then.

810412-????z Marilyn Smartt moves out of cabin 26 “due to the murders”, leaving “all of my personal belongings behind”. (1dh) <Marilyn Smartt to Thomas>

810412-1545z Joe Baze returns home to E Quincy from Standish. (1dp) <Joe Baze to Brubaker>

810412-1645z PCSO Shaver speaks with Sheila at Don Davis' home (25 N. Mill Creek Rd., EQ). He did not do it earlier in the morning due to her emotional state. (1db) <Shaver>

810412-????z Marilyn moves out of Cabin 26 (1du) <Marilyn Smartt to Crim/Bradley/???>

April 13

810413-0000z PCSO Forcino attends the autopsies of Sue, John, and Dana, collecting evidence as Dr. Rooney removed it from the bodies. Forcino also photographed the autopsies. He completed his investigation at roughly 1930, then delivered one item to DOJ Sacramento, then started to Redding to deliver the rest. (1do) <Forcino>

April 14

810414-1027z Taped interview between Severin John 'Bo' Boubede and CA DOJ S.A.s Crim and Bradley begins in the banquet room of Keddie Lodge. (1de) <Crim, Bradley>

810414-1110z Taped interview between Bo and Crim / Bradley terminates for the first time. (1de) <Crim, Bradley>

810414-1112z Taped interview between Bo and Crim / Bradley restarts. (1de) <Crim, Bradley>

810414-1115z Taped interview between Bo and Crim / Bradley ends again. (1de) <Crim, Bradley>

810414-????z Taped interview between Bo and Crim / Bradley restarts. (1de) <Crim, Bradley>

810414-????z Taped interview between Bo and Crim / Bradley ends again. (1de) <Crim, Bradley>

810414-1125z Taped interview between Martin Smartt and CA DOJ S.A.s Crim and Bradley begins in the banquet room of Keddie Lodge. (1dj) <Crim, Bradley>

810414-????z Bo leaves for Klamath Falls, Ore., dropped off at the bus depot by Wade Meeks. (1ds) <Wade Meeks to PCSO>

April 15

810415-0900z (approx 9am to 10am) Marty Smartt calls Joan Andrews in Burney, CA, saying “the reason you have not heard from Marilyn is because Justin had been staying with some people who had been beaten to death.” Joan thought it strange, as she was not expecting to hear from Marilyn, and Martin had never called her before.. Marty added, “There was blood all over and it was real gory and it was a mess.” Martin also said it was in “all the papers” including the [San Francisco] Chronicle, page 8 of section B”, and it was “on all the news.” Marty said he'd taken Marilyn to a bar, and that's where he'd been when the incident had occurred. According to Andrews, Martin had 6 kids from a prior marriage, the oldest being a daughter of 12 and the youngest 6-7. Most of the kids were in foster homes. Marty was a cook by trade, and had been one in the military. Martin “made comments about how bad the [Viet Nam] war was, and then would turn around and talk about how neat it was.” Joan felt he had possibly hurt Marilyn or the kids and that he was trying to convey that message to her. She felt the “entire phone call was extremely strange.” (1dm) <Joan Andrews to SCSO Jarrett>

810415-????z Marilyn Smartt signs consent to search cabin 26. (1dh) <Marilyn Smartt to Thomas>

810415-1330z Asst Sheriff Shanks calls Shasta Cty SO Det. Jarrett re: contacting Joan Andrews' report of Marty Smartt calling her earlier that morning. While taking her report, she is asked if she knows of John Boubede. When asked, she advised that she has never heard of John Boubede. She also said she is “quite familiar with all of Marilyn Smartt's relatives.” (1dm) <Joan Andrews to SCSO Jarrett>

810415-2000z Don Stoy signs/submits page 1-6 of the Stoy/Shanks Crime Scene / Evidence Report. (1dk) <Stoy>

April 16

810416-????z Rough diagram of Cabin 28 is drawn by PCSO. (1dl)

810416????z Sheila Sharp went through Cabin 28 with Stoy. She mentioned the off-white tool box was missing from the kitchen, beside the refrigerator by the rear door. It contained various tools, and normally held the bloody hammer found in the living room. Sheila also noted Tina's brown Kinney shoes (with GASS on the soles) were missing, along with Tina's red, waist-length, nylon zipper-front coat. The may have had both buttons and a zipper. Sheila also thought the blue sweatshirt found on the back of the toilet didn't belong to anyone in her family, but may be Dana's. Stoy then took the sweatshirt into evidence. (1dk) <Sheila Sharp to Stoy>

April 17

810417-????z additional Evidence and Photographic Report page added to Stoy's report, including doorknobs from outside kitchen door, Sue's 1973 Newport. (1dk) <Stoy>

810417-????z PCSO Brubaker visits the Bazes and speaks with John Baze and Walter Meeks re: Johnny and Dana's movements on 4/11/81. When asked about any trouble either boy had with anyone, Baze and Meeks said they only knew of was Steve G.[Gould? Goodhall?] who was always starting trouble with Walter Meeks and Johnny at school. Steve is around 15 yo, and lives near Cemetery Hill. (1dp) <John Baze & Walter Meeks to Brubaker>

810417-1700z PCSO Brubaker returns to speak with Joe Reno Baze, who had just returned from work. He said he and Sue disagreed on things (“religion and things like that”) and he just didn't want to see her anymore. Asked if it was over his drinking, he said it was not. (1dp) <Joe Baze to Brubaker>

810417-????z Martin Smartt passes a polygraph test requested by Sheriff Thomas and administered by CA DOJ Sam Lister Jr (1dq) <Lister>

810417-????z DOJ Bradley draws a picture of Johnny's “wood shop” tool box, as described by Richard Sharp (1dr) <Rick Sharp to Bradley>

April 18

810418-0240z (approx) Dale Wade Meeks is booked at PCSO for DUI. Placed in front of the booking window, and Martin Smartt was in the end holding cell. When Smartt obs. subj. Meeks, he became enraged. He began to beat on the door, yelling, "Put him in with me, I'll break his fucking neck!" "Tell them where the dope is, Meeks!" "Put him in here with me, I'll find out!" All these statements and many others were yelled at the top of his voice while beating on the walls and door. (1ds) <Wade Meeks to PCSO>

810418-0300z (approx) Smartt lowered his voice from a scream and stated, "You know I got her, Meeks, and I'm going to get you in the same way!" Subj. was removed from the area at this time. (1ds) <Wade Meeks to PCSO>

810418-????z prior to being released for DUI, Meeks told r/o that Martin Smartt, his friend, Bo, and wife, Marilyn, had been at the Back Door Bar in Keddie Saturday night (4-11-81). They walked Marilyn home, and returned to the bar after changing clothes, and Marilyn fell asleep so she doesn't know what time they returned home. However, they were there when she awoke the next morning. Meeks knew this as Marilyn had told him. Meeks said Bo had left for Klamath Falls, Ore., on Tuesday, 4-14-81, as he took Bo to the bus depot himself. Justin said the police didn't check the river thoroughly enough, and that Marty spent a lot of time at the "Cascades" on the river. R/O asked where the Cascades were and Meeks said he does not know. (1ds) <Wade Meeks to PCSO>

810418-????z additional items added to Stoy's Evidence and Photographic Report, including a “dress found under cabin #28 by DOJ Bradley”, a telephone book, fibers found on a fence, several chunks of wallboard with blood and stab marks, and several items take from Tina's school. (1dn) <Stoy>

810418-????z Investigation by LE at Cabin 28 ends, with the cabin's front and rear doors and front window with coroner seals. (1dk) <Stoy>

810418-????z Stoy contacts Roberta C Huber regarding a footprint she found near Spanish Creek while assisting the search for Tina with the canine search team. At a date and time undisclosed by Stoy, Huber located a small footprint at the water's edge of Spanish Creek, approx. 1/3 mile north of the wye trestle. She didn't think the footprint was important until she left the case and found a similar footprint while working another homicide. Stoy located the footprint and photographed it. (1dk) <Stoy>

810418-????z PCSO Brubaker requests Susanville PD George Harrison confirm Joe Baze's story. Helen Johnson confirms it. (1dp) <Brubaker/Harrison>

April 21

810421-????z Erin Weiss did her homework on the bleachers during PE and overheard Joey Carvalho talking to an unidentified student. Joey said 'Jesse' and Bo were involved in the murders. It was insinuated in the conversation that it was strange that 'Jesse' was in the arcade on the Saturday afternoon of the murders. One of the young boys in the bedroom woke up and saw the murder. The boy was hypnotized and gave a statement re: Bo and Jesse. Erin could not identify Bo and Jesse and could offer no further info re: the conversation except that Tina had been sighted in Belden.. (1dx) <E Weiss to Leonard/Marinovich>

810421-????z Peggy Mock says she knew Dana, had lived in the area for six years, and had also lived in Keddie for about three months. She worked part time at the Keddie store. She said she did not know anything about cults or cat sacrifices, did not know the Sharps, and heard Dana had been given a ride home on a motorcycle on the day of the homicides. She heard Tina had been molested and the molestor was now out of jail. She had a stepdaughter, Anna C, living in Keddie with Gail Stockinger (Cabin 32), and that Gail has info about a 'Bill' who was around Keddie and who allegedly flashed a knife at a Mary Lou H. We attempted contact Gail but no one was home. (1dt) <Peggy Mock to Brubaker/Leonard>

810421-1350z Marilyn Smartt is interviewed by DOJ Crim @ PCSO. Marilyn said her rent is paid up through May 1st, and would give permission to search her house. She said presently Bo is using the name Bobby Lake. She has only known Bo for 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. Marty met Bo in the VA Hospital in Reno. Marty picked up Bo from the hospital when Bo was released, and Bo has been living with them until he left the other day. Bo has talked about armed robberies and killing people, that his little girl was raped and he killed the man that raped her. She asked if that was why he was in prison. He said no, that the body was never found and never would be. This part of the interview was concluded at 1425 hrs. (1du) <Marilyn Smartt to Crim/???>

810421-1400z (approx) Melinda Waltermire said that Lorraine Cockrell who resides at Jackson and Roche Streets in the Green Apartment Complex, upstairs left side, had some information about an acid party that was held on the weekend of the homicides. Lorraine told her a girl in Keddie told her about the party. Lorraine attends school and is usually home after 3 pm. Lorraine drives a blue station wagon. (1dv) <M. Waltermire to Brubaker/Leonard>

810421-1400z (approx) Janet Seaters said she had only been in town since Thursday and is now living Citrus Heights in Sacramento County. Renee Wingate told her that there was an acid party in Keddie and that Dana had been hitchhiking the night of the homicides. David and Sherry Cuddio, Cynthia Wingate, and Janet's mother were present when Renee brought up the acid party. (1dv) <J Seaters to Brubaker/Leonard>

810421-1400z (approx) Penny Waltermire said she did not know any of Tina's boyfriends.. (1dv) <P Waltermire to Brubaker/Leonard>

810421-1605z Marilyn Smartt is interviewed further by DOJ Crim and Bradley @ PCSO. Bo slept on the couch, never made physical advances toward Marilyn. Bo and Marty were in ward 4A in the psychiatric ward of the VA hospital. Bo was taking medication for epilepsy. Bo didn't have a car, but he had a lot of clothing. Bo and Marty wore the same size clothes, and Bo gave Marty some of his clothes. Bo wore dentures, and needed reading glasses. Marty didn't need glasses. Right after Marty and Bo got together, they both started wearing sunglasses all the time, even the night they went to the Back Door Bar. They both have several pairs of glasses. She 'just has a feeling about it' that Martin and Bo are involved in the murders. Martin felt Sue was a whore, and he doesn't like high school boys, especially Johnny. She can see them approaching Sue, and then maybe Johnny and Dana walking in. She said Justin told her Johnny was tied up with tape. She said she has first-aid and masking tape in her house. She was asked if Bo had hiking boots, and couldn't remember. She said Bo was interested in young girls, that he had shown pictures of two young girls, about 18 years old, and that they were pictures of his wives. Bo said that one of his daughter's names is Sarah. Bo had been shot when running dope. After Bo had been questioned by police, he told her what to tell police. She didn't see any blood in her house on Sunday, 4-12-81. She doesn't plan on returning to the house, although she has belongings there. (1du) <???> (1du) <Marilyn Smartt to Crim/Bradley/???>

810422-1215z Erin Weiss interviewed at QHS. Related overhearing Joey Carvalho discussing Bo and 'Jesse'. (1dx) <E Weiss to Leonard/Marinovich>

810422-1400z Jose Carvalho interviewed at QHS. Last week Richard Meeks and Mike Hamilton said that Justin's father committed the murders and Bo was involved. Justin spent the night at the victims' house and was in the bedroom with the younger boys. Justin got up and witnessed the murders. The police hypnotized Justin and obtained a sketch of the responsibles. One was Justin's father. Also, Bo has Tina somewhere. (1dx) <E Weiss to Leonard/Marinovich>

810422-????z Dee and Ramona Lake interviewed at their home in Indian Falls. R/O looked at the rifle, a 22 cal., and there was no broken or missing parts on it. They didn't feel Martin Smartt was involved but he wouldn't tell anyone if he knew. He is very close to what friends he has. Martin Smartt met Bo in the VA hospital in Reno when he was there for mental treatment during the week of March 13th, 1981. Around the 28th of March 1981, Bo came to Martin Smartt's house to stay and they were planning on a sales campaign for a business and they had planned to go to Oregon. They did not like Bo when they met him and purposely did not become friendly. They felt Bo could be capable of the homicide but had nothing to indicate that he did it. (1dw) <Lakes to Brubaker/Leonard>

April 25

810425-2130z After leaving the Keddie Dorm lounge for a few minutes, Susan Krois returns and Chuck Walke and another guy is with her, along with Margaret Krois and another girl, possibly named Tracy. Chuck and the other guy talked about some other guy who was supposed to have $1200 on him, and said they should do it the way the thing was done in Keddie. They were supposedly waiting for some guys in the bar, and were also waiting around for some girls that hang around the dorm, but do not live in the dorm. Maggie said Walke had what appeared to be 3-4 cuts on the back of his right hand. They were scabbed over and appeared to be old. (1dzd) <Lewis to ???>

April 27

810427-????z Marty, in Klamath, has a phone call with Marilyn. (1dz) <Smartt to Smartt>

810427-????z (approx) Marty calls Joseph ["Brent"] Hayes at his residence. Smartt said that if Marilyn didn't go back to him by Friday he would start killing Marilyn's boyfriends, and people involved with her. Smartt said he would disappear if he hadn't heard from Marilyn by Friday and he might not show up for a year or two. Joseph said that he didn't feel Smartt was involved with drugs, although Smartt told him that he had a lot of speed and money. Joseph said that Smartt is staying at the Arcadia [Arcade] Hotel in Klamath Falls, OR (1dza) <Hayes to ???>

April 28

810428-????z In a letter to Marilyn's Keddie PO Box, postmarked Klamath Falls PM, Marty writes such things as “I don't care what has happened” “now is the time to start over” “I've paid the price of your love & now that I've bought it with four people's lives, you tell me we are through. Great! What else do you want?” “I've paid for your love. Please give it back at least once. If you don't, you know you've stolen my heart and given it to the street. Think about what I've given up for you. Please don't wait till it's too late! I've given it all! What else do you want?” (1dz) <Smartt to Smartt>

April 29

810429-1410z “I was working as a radio dispatcher. At approximately 1410 hours I monitored a conversation between Phillip and his mother, who was visiting him. Due to radio transmissions and phone calls, I did not hear the entire conversation. I heard Phillip tell his mother than he was in the house when it happened. His mother said, "Phillip, you're hallucinating, you were in church that night." Phillip said when he left the church he went there with Marty Smartt and two other guys. He spoke of Tina being there. He said, "Someone asked me to hand him the scissors and I did." Phillip said, "Maybe I should be hypnotized," and his mother replied, "No, don't do that." Phillip said that afterward he ran to the Back Door Bar and tried to tell someone who was coming out the door, then he just ran. (1dzb) <???>

April 30

810430-????z After Justin claimed by looking through the crack between the boys' bedroom door and the wall, he saw two men taking Tina out of the back of the cabin via the kitchen, Stoy went to Cabin 28 and confirmed it was physically impossible to see the kitchen from that location. (1dzc) <Stoy>


810501-????z Sgt. Stoy checked the hot water heater under the Sharp residence. No license number was scratched on it. (1ed) <Shearer to ???>

810504 (I) telephone Jack Brown, who locked up the Back Door Bar on the night of 4-11-81. He said no one tried to talk to him as he was leaving the bar. Jack said he might have been driving a bluish silver Mercedes on the night of 4-11-81. He drives a lot of different cars, and was trying to sell a Mercedes around 4-11-81. He said he would check his records to see if he could determine when he was driving the Mercedes. (1ed) <???>

810505-????z Pat Dorris picked up Donna Williams, who was very drunk. Donna said the FBI was going to arrest her for murder. Donna was very emotional. She said she had given Dana and Johnny a ride to Exxon early and then gave them a ride to Keddie at 10:30 pm. Pat said she is unable to tell whether [Donna] was hallucinating or what. Donna talked about Steve D. [Durham?] and said she didn't think he would lie to her. Pat told her Steve would lie, in her opinion. Donna would not talk any more about Steve. Pat feels like Donna has guilty feelings because she and the others didn't give Dana and Johnny a ride to Keddie. Donna has an alcoholic problem and probably is a drug user. Donna fights a lot when she gets to drinking. She suspects Donna would know the drug dealer. When Donna talked about picking up Johnny and Dana and taking them to Keddie, she said there were three kids. She never could figure out whether Donna took them to Keddie or not. (1ee) <P Dorris to Crim>

810505-????z Donna Williams is admitted to hospital with suspected overdose/breakdown. “She was extremely paranoid and was saying that "they" got Dana and would get her. I was unable to learn any more at the hospital. Later I got a call to the Dorris Foster Home and Pat Dorris told me the following: Pat was called by Donna earlier in the evening. At that time Pat took Donna to the foster home. Donna was drunk but not paranoid as when I saw her. Donna said that she was the one who gave Dana and John a ride to Keddie. She picked them up about 10:30 pm in front of Exxon. She saw Mrs. Sharp when she got there and said she was dressed like she was ready to go out. She also said she knew who else was at the house. There was also some mention of Steve D. (Durham?) but Pat could not remember what.” (1eb) <Williams/Dorris to ???>

810505-????z Donna Williams is admitted to hospital with suspected overdose/breakdown. “She was extremely paranoid and was saying that "they" got Dana and would get her. I was unable to learn any more at the hospital. Later I got a call to the Dorris Foster Home and Pat Dorris told me the following:

Pat was called by Donna earlier in the evening. At that time Pat took Donna to the foster home. Donna was drunk but not paranoid as when I saw her. Donna said that she was the one who gave Dana and John a ride to Keddie. She picked them up about 10:30 pm in front of Exxon. She saw Mrs. Sharp when she got there and said she was dressed like she was ready to go out. She also said she knew who else was at the house. There was also some mention of Steve D. (Durham?) but Pat could not remember what.” (1eb) <Williams/Dorris to ???>

810505-????z Karl Spang refuses to give me any further cooperation, stating he was afraid for himself and his children and he can have witnesses testify he didn't go to Quincy on 4-11-81. He advsed if he is asked to cooperate further he will obtain an attorney and file harassment charges against the S/O. He will not take anyone to Meadow Valley and will not consent to a polygraph or hypnosis. (1ec) <Spang to ???>

810508-2145z Ron Varker, cabin 18, finds a blue hooded sweatshirt (size 14-16) in the sand beside Spanish Creek approx 300 yards SW of cabin 28. The sweatshirt is weighted down with rocks. After washing it at home, he sees it is stained, possibly by blood, so he calls PCSO. ((1eg)) <Varker to PCSO Day>

810510-????z Forcino and Stoy investigate what appears to be a recently-disturbed area of ground behind cabin 26, the Smartt residence. It turns out to relatred to work done on a septic pipe, not related to the murders. (1eh) <Forcino/Stoy>

810511-1850z PCSO ??? contacts Dr. Cheesman, psychiatrist for Plumas-Lassen Mental Health. His neighbor X, works at the Reno Vet Center. Martin Smartt called him from Klamath Falls and confessed to the Keddie Murders. Dr. Cheesman said he was going to report the info to PCSO, and thepsychiatrist X did not want him to do this. (1ei) <Cheesman to PCSO ???>

810512-????z Stoy signs the blue sweatshirt over to DOJ for testing. Forcino and Stoy return to where it was found, and Day dives Spanish Creek for other evidence, with negative results due to murky water. (1ej) <Forcino/Stoy>

810513-????z Unk. PCSO contacted anon citizen as he is familiar with people in this county who are or have been dealing and using heavy drugs, mainly LSD and blotter acid. He had heard rumors about a[n acid] party at Keddie five doors south of the store but no confirmation. Citizen told me that if a party had taken place in Meadow Valley, it would probably be at Roger Stratton's residence. Citizen told me that Bill was into acid and that a woman by the name of Pam who lives at Las Plumas Trailer Court was in possession of three hits of blotter acid the week after the murders. This citizen is going to try to find out where the stuff is coming from and who has it. He thinks that only a very few people are involved with anything harder than coke or weed. (1ek) <unk to PCSO ???>

810513-1428z Marilyn Smartt signs another Consent to Search form for cabin 26 in Keddie, witnessed by Sheriff Thomas and DOJ Bradley (1el) <Marilyn Smartt to Stoy/Bradley>

810513-????z CS photos, aerial photos, pathology reports, and background reports on the case and victims are sent to FBI BSU Unit, Quantico. Numerous mistakes are in the report. (1em) <DOJ to FBI>

810514-0900z A/S Shanks tells unk PCSO to contact Pete Tolen re: if Pete had any knowledge of Johnny and Dana (in relation to the 187s). Pete said it was queer that I ask him about them because he has a granddaughter named Cathy Scalf W/F, 14 years old. Cathy mentioned her friend Joey, last name unk [Carvalho?], picked up Johnny and Dana the evening of April 11. Joey said he was driving his car in E Quincy & picked up Johnny and Dana, hitchhiking, and let them off at the entrance to Keddie. When he found out about the murders, he was afraid that the police would somehow implicate him, which is why he never contacted PCSO. (1en) <Tolen to unk PCSO>

810515-????z James Seabolt at Keddie remembers seeing UNSUB, WMA about 5'10 or 5'11, short dark hair, with Martin Smartt. He also saw this man a number of times at Cabin # 13 while Frank Davis still lived there. UNSUB seemed to be a friend of Davis as well as POI. UNSUB drives an old green 1 1/2 ton Chevy truck w/ plywood sideboards and for the past year has been selling wood and hauling junk metal. Seabolt said he thought UNSUB lived across the river near the footbridge. UNSUB had been w/ Martin Smartt in Keddie a few days before the murders. He has not seen UNSUB very often since Davis moved out, and not at all for the last two or three weeks. Seabolt also told of a guy in # 7, name unk [Roy Lopez?], who works for the railroad and drives a '79-'80 Toyota truck who has not been around for a couple of weeks. (1eo) <J Seabolt to Bradley/???>

810519-????z Trisha D. Pettis had dated Dana for about two weeks last September, but she didn't know if he was involved with drugs. She never knew Dana to get into fights. She said Philip used to come to her house and she did not like him. Phillip could be mean when he was drunk which was most of the time. Phillip did not like Dana because Dana was dating her. Trisha said rumors were Tina hated her mom. (1ep) <Trisha Davis and Joey Carvalho to unk>

810522-1915z Tom Curnow is interviewed under hypnosis by Sheriff Thomas. His recall was more vivid, giving a very clear description of the subjects, the long-haired one more so than the short-haired one. The long-haired one was the leader and the other was like his shadow. Out of hypnosis, he changed some of the features of the long-haired guy's composite. (1eq) <Curnow to unk PCSO & Thomas>

810522-1926z Curnow hypnosis descriptions of two UNSUBs: SUB 1: Looks Mexican; 5'10"; glasses; 25-30 yo; slender; dark mustache, black hair greased and combed straight back; blue-jeans jacket and bell-bottom jeans; thick-soled boots; sliver belt buckle; dirty. SUB 2: Brown or blond hair, greasy, combed behind ears; silver ring in left ear, green army jacket; black boots; reflective glasses; white tank-top shirt; baggy dirty blue jeans; no belt; smoking. (1eq) <Curnow to unk PCSO & Thomas>

810524-2240z Susanville PD respond to R/P abt David AKA Michael, OR his brother, who looks like one of the composites. R/O takes photos, fingerprints, and two sets of footprints of subject.1er <Susanville PD to Forcino>

810528-????z Terry Alger knows Martin Smartt and another guy did the 187z, as they were Vietnam vets & always talking about killing someone. When asked if he was telling people how the 187s were done, he said because of a big dope deal & someone was at the wrong place. Asked how he knew this he became evasive & said he couldn't tell me now. Asked if he ever said a guy named Ted was talking in his sleep, he didn't remember. He said Pat and Joe Amormino, who manage the Meadow Valley Inn, knew things and weren't talking as they were scared. Gary Emary knows something. Gary is camped in the Meadow Valley area & drives a white International stepside. Terry overheard Pat and Joe on the phone on a few occasions and something was said about the middle fork of the Feather River and he thinks the Marty and the other killer may be hiding there. Terry also heard Oregon mentioned. Pat and Joe had photos of the two men. (1es) <Alger to PCSO>

810529-0338z Terry Alger reported being shot at while hitchhiking on Meadow Valley Road. (1es) <Alger to PCSO>

810529-????z Mike Bowers drops composite off to Stoy, who forwards it to Forcino. Bowers says the left composite is Marty Smartt, and the right is John Sessions or Dale Wade Meeks. (1et) <Bowers to Stoy to Forcino>

0ga 800701 PCSO Report on Tina's Molestation, case 80-2969 <Leiber, Shanks, Day> forum
0gb 800706 PCSO supplement report to 0ga <Day>
0gc 800707 PCSO supplement report to 0ga <Day>
0gd 800721 PCSO supplement report to 0ga <Day>
1da 810416 PCSO Evidence and Photographic Report, field copy <Stoy>
1db 810416 PCSO Shaver's crime scene report <Shaver> img doc
1dc 810412 LE report concerning Phillip Shearer <???>
1dd 810412 LE report concerning Phillip Shearer <???>
1de 810414 Boubede taped interview with DOJ Crim & Bradley <Crim, Bradley>
1df 810414 PCSO report. <???>
1dg 810414 PCSO report <Fitzgerald>
1dh 810415 Marilyn Smartt Consent to Search form, witnessed by G Meeks and D Thomas <Thomas>
1di 810415 Martin Smartt Consent to Search form, witnessed by Thomas, Stoy, and Forcino <Thomas>
1dj 810415 Martin Smartt taped interview with DOJ Crim & Bradley (date unconfirmed) <Crim, Bradley>
1dk 810415 Stoy/Shanks crime scene report <Stoy>
1dl 810416 PCSO diagram of cabin 28 floorplan <???>
1dm 810416 Shasta Cty SO Joan Andrews report, sent to PCSO Shanks <SCSO Det. L Jarrett>
1dn 810417 Evidence and Photographic Report, field copy, addendum to 1da <Stoy>
1do 810417 PCSO Forcino's crime scene report <Forcino>
1dp 810417 PCSO report by Brubaker <Brubaker>
1dq 810420 CA DOJ Polygraph Examination Report <Lister>
1dr 810417 DOJ Bradley's drawing of tool box <Rick Sharp to Bradley>
1ds 810418 Report by unk. PCSO <Wade Meeks to PCSO>
1dt 810421 Report by PCSO Brubaker and DOJ Leonard <Peggy Mock to Brubaker/Leonard>
1du 810421 Interview between Crim and Marilyn Smartt <Marilyn Smartt to Crim/???>
1dv 810421 Report by Brubaker/Leonard <various to Brubaker/Leonard>
1dw 810422 Report by ??? <Lakes to Brubaker/Leonard>
1dx 810422 report by Leonard/Marinovich <E Weiss to Leonard/Marinovich>
1dy 810424 Report by Forcino/??? <Finkes to Forcino/???>
1dz 810428 Letter from Marty Smartt to Marilyn Smartt <Smartt to Smartt>
1dza 810428 Report by ??? <Hayes to ???>
1dzb 810429 Report by PCSO radio dispatcher ??? <???>
1dzc 810430 <Stoy>
1dzd 810430 Report of interview with Maggie Lewis <Lewis to ???>
1ea 8105?? PCSO report on Philip Shearer, Daniel French, and other incidents surrounding the murders <???>
1eb 810505 PCSO report on Donna Williams <Williams/Dorris to ???>
1ec 810505 Report on Karl Spang <Spang to ???>
1ed 810505 Report on Philip Shearer <???>
1ee 810507 Pat Dorris to PA Crim <P Dorris to Crim>
1ef 810509 Carl Selby report on Pete Tolen <Selby to PCSO ???>
1eg 810508 PCSO Seized Property Report <Varker to PCSO Day>
1eh 810510 PCSO Report on suspicious depression behind cabin 26 <Forcino/Stoy>
1ei 810511 PCSO Report on Dr Cheesman <Cheesman to PCSO ???>
1ej 810512 Forcino/Stoy report on sweatshirt <Forcino/Stoy>
1ek 810513 PCSO Report on “acid parties” <unk to PCSO ???>
1el 810513 PCSO consent to search form for Cabin 26 <Marilyn Smartt to Stoy/Bradley>
1em 810513 DOJ report to FBI, Quantico <DOJ to FBI>
1en 810514 PCSO report on Pete Tolen <Tolen to unk PCSO>
1eo 810515 James Seabolt (Sr?) to DOJ Bradley and unk <J Seabolt to Bradley/???>
1ep 810519 unk LE report <Trisha Davis and Joey Carvalho to unk>
1eq 810522 PCSO report re: Thomas Curnow <Curnow to unk PCSO & Thomas>
1er 810524 Susanville CA PD report to PCSO <Susanville PD to Forcino>
1es 810529 Terry Alger to PCSO <Alger to PCSO>
1et 810529 Note from PCSO Stoy to Forcino <Bowers to Stoy to Forcino>